Kindly Hold Me

I'm going to do as many short or long poems as I can! Thanks for reading them!

Chapter 1

Hold Me Longer - Little

Hold Me Longer

We flew, we dived,
Are we, when we thrive?
Bury me now, tight to the earth,
Send me deep down, the ground is a tremble.
Show your silence neatly, so neat.
Silenced, where we are?
We kick the sky.


Under the Flaunt

Stop the hands and send them back.
They keep the tick, just hold it fast.
Still it, destroy it,
Send it away.
It ruins my life,
And I need it today.
Keeping the moment,
Don’t rid my new hope.
We’re together at last,
For we’ve buried our souls.
We’re next to each other,
Through all that we are.
And forever or never
Can’t do us apart.
Sew back the life,
And string on new time.
These hands will now part.
We’ve send up a sign.


The Day in My Hand

The day in my hand
Will never be free.
It will not become one
With a stress or a flee.
Its act is alone
And it shows
All my grief.
Stop it
To start it.
Stop it
For me.


Silence Speaks

We halted.
Agog in our eyes
Was the other.

Slip down farther.
Keep up the pace
To match the other.

Holding a stiffness.
Yet pleasing and open
Where empathy lies.

Killed by an ending.
Wait for the next time
When silence speaks.



Looking up,
A bridge appears.
So brittle and deadly
It remains aloof.

Looking down,
A tunnel is dug.
So to bury our joke,
It’s little to us.

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