Ronaka Clan

Ronaka Clan

This is the story of Iano Ronaka and her clan. It's like Sasuke's story with his clan. Just a little bit different. Honaku's pic is up there without her Kekkei Genkai on

Chapter 27


The silence between the two grew intensely. Her black eyes narrowed at him. How could he have been here? Shiko asked herself, then again, Itachi was much like air. He was everywhere and you couldn't escape him.

"I didn't know you gave a damn about anyone but yourself."

The Uchiha didn't reply just as quick. His eyes only narrowed as she paced around him. His crimson eyes followed her every move. Even as she made a motion to grab her kunai. In a flash Shiko had been kicked in the stomach. Her body hurled into three trees, breaking them in half until finally leaving a large dent in the third.

She wiped the blood that dripped from her mouth. "You always knew my weakness, didn't you Itachi-san?" Her charcoal eyes then looked over his attire. He wore a cloak that had a pattern of red clouds outlined in white. Akatsuki.

How long had it been since she's seen him?

Shiko stood up, her legs wobbling from the harsh impact. Her breaths were ragged as she placed a hand over her beating heart. Her eyes looked as though they were watching him, but her eyes were more-so settled on her clone that approached him with a gleaming dagger.

Shiko was never strong physically. She highly doubted she would with this.

The feel of cold metal pressed against her neck.

"Tell me what happened to Taelen."

She could feel blood dripping from her neck as he put more pressure on the kunai.

"Must you really know?" She questioned.

More pressure was put on his kunai. Shiko hissed in pain.

"She's fine!" She hissed.

"Don't lie to me." Shiko could now smell the blood pooring from her wound.

"I'm not." She insisted, feeling light headed from the metallic scent. Itachi pushed the weakling away from him. He watched as her body crumbled to the ground, disgusted by her weakness.

She could feel his presence then disappear.

The kunoichi loooked to see if the coast was clear before standing up, unaffected by her wound. doing a simple handsign, his true form emerged. A sick smile fell onto the snake's lips.

"Nice doing buisness with you, Itachi-san."

Orochimaru then twirled the bottle of crimson in his hand.

"Shiko will be very pleased."

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