Ronaka Clan

Ronaka Clan

This is the story of Iano Ronaka and her clan. It's like Sasuke's story with his clan. Just a little bit different. Honaku's pic is up there without her Kekkei Genkai on

Chapter 2


"Itachi, what was that move that you were just doing?" I asked looking at all the targets. He even got the one in the blind spot. "Just some target practice. Thats all." "Can you teahc us?" Me and Sasuke both said at the same time. Itachi motioned us to come foreward. We stopped infront of him. Itach then gabbed us in the forehead. "I'm sorry, Sasuke and Iano. Maybe some other time." Me and Sasuke both pouted. "Come on. You did say you were comming home by sundown." I looked up into the sky. Itachi was right. The sun was just over the horizon. "Can't we stay out a little bit longer?" Sasuke whined. "Sorry Sasuke, but Iano has to be home by sundown."

We walked through the woods in silence. Cold wind brushed upon my legs as auborn leaves tangled in with my hair. "I'm cold." I said shaking a little. "Here." I tachi said putting something over me. It was his jacket. "Thanks Itachi." I was warmed up instantly. When we arrived infront of the Ronaka Compound the lights were still on. My sister waited ourside for me waving at Itachi and his little brother. "Did you have a nice time Iano?" Honaku asked. "Yeah it was- Wait!" I stopped running to her and ran bck to the two Uchiha's, "Here Itachi." I said dolding out his jacket. "You can keep it." "Thank you!" I said giving him a hug. Out of the corner of my eyes I saw Sasuke glance at me and look away shyly. I smiled. "Bye Sasuke!" I said giving him a hug. "Bye....Iano." He said in his soft voice as he hugged me back. I smiled as I pulled away.

Later That Night

"What do you mean your missing the meeting!" I could hear my fathers booming voice yell. "I have to go on an important mission tomorow morning." My sisters voice soothed. Why would they be up at this time? I thought glancing at my clock. Its 2 in the morning. I got up and quietly tiptoed to the livingroom. All the lights were off as they spoke. "What type of mission?" My mother asked. "Thats classified." I cracked the door open just a little to see what was going on. "You know your going to be the head of this clan." My father reminded her. Anger filled his red eyes. "I know father. Iano, why don't you go to the bathroom and back to bed." I looked down sheepishly. "Iano! Why are you up at this time? Go to your room!" I kept my head down. "Yes mother." I spoke before sliding the door close.

Next Morning

I opened up to see sunlight lighting up my room. I thought I closed the blinds last night. I shrugged it off and changed into my regular clothes. Some black shorts and a red t-shirt with the Ronaka symbol on the back. I walked out of my room to see my sister walk past my father. Both of them looked tense and wouldn't even look at eachother. "Sister." She narrowed her eyes at me. She looks so distant. "Could you walk me to the Academy?" My sister looked at me and sighed. "I have alot of work to do, Iano. Plus, a mission." I put my head down an inwardly groaned. "We have a few more minutes together. Why don't you walk with me." Honaku said passing me. I perked up. "Okay!" I said catching up to her.

Honaku and I walked around the Ronaka Compound until we got to the front of it. I watched as two Uchiha members of the ANBU came over to us. "Why didn't you show up to the meeting?" Honaku looked up surprised. "I had a mission to attend to, Reato." "Well while you were out on your mission Shisui commited suicide. We want you to help with the investigetion." "Investigation? If it was suicide then why investigate. He's not a member of the Ronaka clan." "We have some reasons to believe that a Uchiha and Ronaka killed him. Before the date of the meeting did he say anything to you? I remeber you did look up to him like an older brother." "No. I haven't talked to him at all recently." The Uchiha looked at my sister skeptically. "He left a note. It was for you. It's his handwritting." My sister took the note and read over it.

As the Uchiha members turned there back on us he spoke over his shoulder. "We all know, Honaku. Just spit it out. Did you have anything to do with Shisui's death?" My sister threw a kunai on our clans symbol. Our simbol was a red and black dragon. Black stood for dominence as red stood for authority. I never understood. "Your clan. Your clan. Your clan. Thats all you ever obsess about. What would I gain by killing a Uchiha. Nothing. Your preconceptions will get you nowhere." "Honaku! What is the meaning of this?" My mother shouted. My sister had her Chyronaku activated. "I'm through with this! Arogance exceeds this clan!" My father stepped out from behind. "Honaku! If I hear anymore of this nonesense you'll be put in jail!" I've never seen big sister like this. "Big sister! you have to stop!" I yelled. Honaku looked at me and deactivated her Chyronaku. She fell to her knees bowing. "I am truly sorry mother and father. I had nothing to do with Shisui's death." Honaku said bowing her head. My father turned to the two Uchiha men. "I am truly sorry for Honaku's actions. I will take full responsibility." I looked back at Honaku. As Father past her she gave him a look. It wasn't our Chyronaku. The dragons were intertwined together.

A few hours later I went to see Honaku. She was in her room as usual looking up in the sky. I sat next to her. "Big sister. Why does mother only like you?" She looked down at me. Honaku's eyes saddened. "Being the most liked or best isn't all its cracked up to be. Whatever you think of me, Iano, I'll always be there for you, even if it's only as an obstacle for you to overcome. Even if you do hate me. That's what big sisters are for." "But I don't hate you!" I exclaimed. I don't think I do. "Just remember. I'll always be there for you." She gave me a small smile. I smiled back. "Big sister. you'll always be there for me?" I questioned. she gave me a soft smile. "Always."

Later That Night

I ran from the Academy. I shouldn't have watched Itachi train. I thought. I looked up to see white eyes upon a post. I paused. I blinked and they were gone. "What was that?" I mumbled to myself. I continued running home in silence. It was just my imagineation. I kept telling myself as I ran home. It was past sundown and dark. Mothers gonna be so mad. I thought recalling the last time I was late. As I got closer to the Ronaka Compound two dead Ronaka bodies were presented infront of me. What happened?

I was frozen in fear. Mother! Father! I suddenly had the will to move. When I got home the lights were off. It was quiet. "Mother? Father?" I called out. there was no answer. I moved foreward looking around as I did. The halways were quiet. There was nothing that told me my sister was here. I felt....alone. I stopped infront of my sisters room. It was silent. Next was my room. No one was there. Finally, I stopped infront of my mother and fathers room. Fear filled me as I felt a presence. There was a soft bang. That made me enter. What I saw was utterly shocking. Something I would never expect. Death filled the room. Why? Was all I could think about. I would of never thought that the one person who I looked up to would betray our clan. Would exterminate the Ronaka's existence and be the only one alive other than myself. A shuriken was thrown. Just two inches away from grazing my arm. Honaku stood over my mother and fathers dead bodies. Her face was cold. Filled with hatred. "Wh-Why would you...." I trailed off as my eyes wandered down to the dead bodies on the floor. Tears filled my eyes. Fear held me in that spot. "What have you done!?" I yelled at her. "Big sister." Honaku said nothing. She just starred at me. Her Chysonaku was activated. "Foolish little sister. I wanted to test the Ketano Chysonaku's power." So thats what its called.

Honaku closed her eyes. Mine widened in fear. she opened her eyes to reveal the teo intertwined dragons. Everything went red and white. we were outside of the Ronaka Compound. Shuriken were thrown as blood was splattered. "Ahhh!" I scremmed. "Why are you showing me this! Stop!" Every time I closed my eyes I would still get that horrifying image. Blood being splattered, family members lives being loste, shuriken being thrown. It was all to horrifying! Suddenly the images stopped. My sister stood a few feet away from me. "Why are you showing me this!? Why would you do it!?" The images appeared once more. "Ahhh! Uncle. Aunt." I screamed as there lifeless bodies fell to the floor. I kept my eyes shut as the images stopped. I collapsed. My body was petrified in fear. I looked up at my sister. "Why?" I breathed. "Why did you do this? Why, Honaku? Why?" My hands clentched in anger. There ws a silent pause. "To test the lenght of my abilities." "You klilled the entire clan just to test the length of your abilities." I said lifting my head up and turning to the side. I looked at my sister with pure hatred as I struggled to get up. "You did this. To test the lenght of your abilities." My sister closed her eyes. "It is of great importance." "What are you saying?" I said as I got up. "Your out of your mind!" I yelled charging at her.

Honaku kicked me hard in the gut. Her kick was so hard I was thrown into the wall. My back throbbed in pain as I struggled to get up. My legs wobbled as I gripped the walls for support. Tears filled my eyes as I looked up at her. "You aren't my sister." I said backing away. Running out the Ronaka Compound I saw more dead bodies. Before I could turn to leave my Honaku stood infront of me. "Please! Don't kill me." I said backing away. "Please, Honaku." She said nothing. "Why did you do this. Its not like you. You loved the clan." Honaku's eyes were filled with hatred. "I have acted like the older sister you desired for one reson. Because I wanted to discover how powerful you were. I needed to find a worthy opponent to test the limits of my own abilities. You have that unique potential." I was silent. "Now I've made you hate me. Now you have the desire to defeat me. Which is exactly why I'm going to allow you to live. Don't you see? Its all for my own benefits. Like me, you maybe one of the few to posses Ketano Chysonaku. There is a catch. Take the life of your best friend. You must kill them." More tears welled in my eyes. I could never do that. "I-I could never do that." My sister just starred at me as she spoke. "Kill them. Just like I did." Then it clicked. She did kill Shisui afterall. Thats why she lost it when they metioned about doing an investigation. "You killed that Uchiha?" Honaku showed no remorse as she spoke. "I did, but not alone. How else do you think I would obtain this power?"

"I heard you have questions aabout our Kekkei Genkai. On the left side of the Romanaka Compound theres a shrine of Ronaku himself. Do the handsigns of a tiger, ox, and rabbit. The shrine will lower itself to reveal a passag way to the clans secret gathering place. Theres another statue on the right side of Honaru's desk. Underneath there are some documents about our clans Kekkei Genkai and its tru pourpose. If you discover how to activate it, you will be the third person to obtain the Ketano Chysonaku including myself. To ensure that happens. Thats enough reason to let you live. Well, thats all." My sister turned her back on me. "And don't worry. Your not worth killing." She took a pause and closed her eyes. "Foolish little sister... if you wish to kill me, hate me, detest me, and survive in an unsightly way. Foster your hatred. Run, run and cling to your wretched life. And one day, when you have the same eyes I do, come before me." Her eyes opened to reveal the same two dragons. Then, I passed out.

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