Ronaka Clan

Ronaka Clan

This is the story of Iano Ronaka and her clan. It's like Sasuke's story with his clan. Just a little bit different. Honaku's pic is up there without her Kekkei Genkai on

Chapter 1


I pouted at my older sister. "You always do that." I said folding my arms over my chest. Honaku chuckled. "Do what?" she asked innocently. I huffed. "You always gab me on the forehead. Then say 'Sorry, Iano." My sister smiled. "I don't always do that." I rolled my eyes. "Sure." I mumbled before walking away. "Hey! Mom wants us back by sundown." My sister shouted at me. I looked over my shoulder seeing her short red hair blow in the wind. It was around shoulder legth like mine. My hair was a light purple. Odd I know. Her red eyes were peirced with worry. "When did you get so proctective?" I asked scrunching my eyebrows. "When you started going to the academy. Next you'll be doing dangerous missions. Your growing up so fast." Honaku said the last part softly as her eyes softened and a soft smile krept on her lips. I smiled. "When I grow up I wanna be just like you." Her smile dissapeared. "Looks can be decieving, Iano. Remeber that if you wanna be a great shinobi." Honaku said walking past me. I followed in silence. Why is big sister so different?

When we got home it was dark. "Honaku! where have you been? I said sundown not midnight." I walked out from behind my big sister sheepishly. "Sorry were late, mother. Honaku was training me." Mother didn't even spare me a glance. I frowned looking down. Its always about Honaku. Honaku this. Honaku that. Theres never anything about Iano. My sister must've noticed my sudden sadness. "Mother, you should really see Iano train. She's been getting better. Might be the best in the clan." Honaku said. I looked up at her. She smiled down softly at me.

My mother looked at me. "Hn. Maybe your father could watch you train." I looked down once again. "Yes mother." I spoke before heading to my room. Whatever I do its not enough. If I learn a new jutsu mother glances at me. If Honaku puts in a good word of me mother changes the subject by adding father. I sighed plopping down in my bed. I heard my door slide open. "Big sister!" I shouted running up to her. "Did mother-" "No she didn't." Honaku said as she poked me on the forehead. "Oww!" I whined rubbing my forehead "Sorry, Iano."

Next Day

I hopped out of bed and changed into my regular clothes. I tiptoed quietly out of my room and in the hallway. The walls were a light brown. Pictures a a lion chasing a tiger grazed the bottom near the floor. Mother always told ne that it symbolizes something. She just never said what. I slid into my sisters room quietly. She looked up at me and smiled. "Big sister. Maybe you could, uh, help me train?" Her eyes sadden. "No. I just don't have time." I pouted. "But your the only one who can help me with my Roniaku Release jutsu!" "Why don't you get mother to help you." Honaku said turning her back on me. "Your way better. Even I can see that." There was a silent pause.

"Big sister, Why do you trreat me like a pest?" Honaku looked over her shoulder and back at me.She turned around fully and motioned me to come. I did, but stopped when I saw two fingers. Too late! I closed my eyes tightly. I pouted as she gabbed me on the forehead. "I'm sorry, Iano. Some other time, okay?" I opened my eyes and groaned. My sister looked down ashamed. "I just....don't have time, Iano. I'm sorry." I pouted and rubbed my forehead. "Your always doing this to me. You gab me in the forehead and then say 'I'm sorry, Iano.' You never have time. Its always the same story."

My sister walked out slowly. "You remind me of a little boy I met the other day at the store. Uchiha Sasuke. He's your age. I'm sure you'll meet him at the Academy." My sister said smilling as she left. Guess she hasn't changed. But still. I frowned and walked out of her room. Mother stood washing the dishes as father sat down eating some Ramen. I grabbed a bowl and sat next to him. "Father. Whats so special about our Kekkei Genkai?" I asked watching him. My father stopped eating and starred at me long and hard before looking away. "Our Kekkei Genai is the ability to copy any jutsu, locates any clan member, and eat away our enemy's chakra. Its called Chyronaku." "Cool!" I exclaimed. "But." He continued. "There's a small price to pay. Our eyes can't withstand its power. Everytime we use it our eyesight gets damaged in the process."

I was silent. My father glanced at me. "Each member of our clan is allowed to use it once in a life time. However, in you and your sisters case, you can use it whenever. Your just too young now." I pouted. "I'm starting to go to the Academy!" I whined. "At 8 years old. Your sister finished in a year. Became a part of the ANBU at the age of 13. She'll take the role as leader of her clan on her 19th birthday." I looked down. I'm such a waste of the Ronaka blood. "Iano, your lunch is ready." My mother's voice chimed. I got up, grabbed my lunch, put on my ninja shoes, and walked out.

The talking in the class room stopped once I walked in. Whispers filled instead. I looked down and head to the back. I sat next to a boy with black hair and onyx eyes. He looked up at me. "Hey. I'm Iano Ronaka." "Sasuke Uchiha." He said in a soft voice. So this is the kid my sis talks about. "Did you meet my sister at the store?" I asked. "What does she look like?" "Like any Ronaka. Short shoulder length hair. Red eyes. She's 18. About as tall as our sensei." "Oh yeah. I met her. She reminds me of my brother." "Mind if I meet him?" I asked. "I don't know. He's always busy." "So is my sister." "Maybe we could train after class." Sasuke suggested looking shyly toward me. I gave a small smile. "Maybe." Sasuke smiled back.

When Iruka-sensei entered the room our heads went straight to the books. Wow. I made a new friend. I though peeking a glance at Sasuke. "Ok. Ok.enough with the books. Its time for a break." I smiled at the sound of Iruka-sensei's words. Me and Sasuke both headed ouside and started throwing shuriken at the logs. Sasuke was doing good.

After our break we ended up being back in the books. Once class ended me and Sasuke walked home. "Hey Sasuke." "Huh?" He asked turning his head to me. "Lets train." He smiled. "I know the perfect place." Sasuke said as he grabbed my hand and dragged me through the woods. We stopped infront of an opened training spot. Targets were placed on trees, infront of them, and one behind a rock. Each were hit perfectly with kunai's. A boy a few feet away from us landed on the ground soundlessly. He had onyx eyes. His black hair was tied in the back letting his bangs fall on the side of his face. Two lines folded down the sides of his face.

"Sasuke. Who is this?" The man said glancing at me. Sasuke took my hand and pulled me foreward. "I'm Iano Ronaka." I said shyly. "Hmm. You look so much like your sister." He observed. "Who are you?" I asked. "Itachi Uchiha. I'm a part of your sister's team." I smiled. "You and my sister are alot alike." I said looking at Itachi. He gave a small smile. "How so?" I shrugged. "She became a part of the ANBU at 13. Finished the Academy at 9. She's mostly busy." "Iano!" I heard a voice yell. I turned around to see my sister come out of the bushes. Her Kekkei Genkai was activated. Honaku's eyes were white a black slit held the middle. On each side of the slit there was a red dragon. So thats what our Kekkei Genkai looks like.

"Where have you been, Iano? I was worried." "Just watching Sasuke's big brother train." I said shyly. "Itachi. Why didn't you say my sister would be joining you?" My sister asked looking at him. "I didn't know. It was a last minute thing." Itachi answered. "Big sister! Can I watch Itachi train some more? I'll be back at sundown." I pleaded. My sister looked at me. Then at Itachi. "Will you walk her home?" I turned to itachi with pleading eyes. He glanced at me and back at my sister. "Me and my brother." I smiled. "Yes!" I shouted.

My sister chuckled as she motioned me to come. I stopped infront of her only to get gabbed in the forehead. "Sorry I made such a big scene, Iano." She chuckled. I rubbed my forehead. "Honaku! Not infront of Sasuke and his brother." I whined. "I'll let you in on a little secret." My sister whispered. I put my ear up closer. "Itachi does the same thing to his little brother." Honaku whispered in my ear. Then vanished. He does? "What was that about?" Sasuke asked comming towards me. "Does your big brother do that to you?" I asked. "Yeah. He always gabs me in the forehead then says 'I'm sorry, Sasuke." I chuckled. They are so alike.

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