Love is Priceless(a Jacob Black Lovestory)

Love is Priceless(a Jacob Black Lovestory)

Charcter: Mason Allie Call (female)
Relitives:Embry Call
Decirption of charcter: green meidum eyes, black long hair, short ,skinny, medium size nose, medium size breast, small butt, light tanned skin, reagular size lips, outgoing, adventerious, crazy, very smart
Love instrest: Jacob black
Sibilings:Rodney Call(18) Kale Call(5)
Parents:Jane Call(32) Collin Call (34)
So every since this law pass down about copyrighting I'm going to give credit to Stephenie Meyer.

Chapter 1

Nice to meet you too

wake up sweetie it's time to go to to school! my mom said. okay i said. everyday was the same get up brush my teeth do my hair get dress eat something and go to the bus and meet up with Vanessa(my bff)then go to school.but today i knew something was going to be different, i could taste it like sweet daisies. ma what time is it? 8:57!she said. 8:57! i have to go,where are the dame car keys! right there sweetie she said calmly. thanks ma i have to g-o i said running out the door.while i was in the car i was thinking am i gonna get in trouble or get into detention.but when i pulled up to go to school ever single parking spot was filled up! where in the hell am i gonna park now! it all most took 15min to find a good parking spot but i finally found a great parking spot by some tanned boys with short hair and tough bodies and they were all tall.then i recognised one of them. Embry! why would Embry not be in school right now? never mine i have to much in my mined right now to be worrying about then i parked the car by the tall muscular boys and their black hummer and tried to get to school in a hurry because it was only my second week here and i didn't want to have a bad tardy on my shoulders.ha Mason! over here! as i tried to hurry up and go to school but then i could hear Embry's light husky voice. come over here may i want to show you to some of my friends. i sighed then walked over there slowly. Embry grabbed me and his most obnoxious tone said "every body this is my cousin mason call she is new here, mason say hi". hi everyone. everyone say hi back but one boy. he looked tall muscular had nice short black hair looked like he needed a good night sleep and he looked ten times older than the others. the tall boy said in a husky voice Nice to meet you and i sad nice to meet you too.

P.S. tell me what do u think and if it's a good review then i might right a second story!

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