Love in Pranking Form (George Weasley)

Love in Pranking Form (George Weasley)

Look also for the Fred and Lee versions. :)

Listening to Casting Crowns and KJ-52 i love it!!!!

Chapter 4

Fred's Good News

"Hey Arriana! Wait up!" Fred yelled from the staircase below me. I stoppped and waited as he ran up the flight of stairs to meet me.
"What have you done now?" I asked waiting to hear about his recent prank.
"Oh you know about that? I didn't mean to, the dungbomb just slipped..." He stopped talking when he realized i didn't know what he was talking about. "Anyways," he said changing the subject, " I didn't get to tell you my good news last night."
"Well you can tell me now" i said, "What happened?"
His face turned red and a huge grin appeared on his face when he said, "I asked Angelina to the Yule Ball. And here's the good part...she said yes"
I smiled exicited for him,"You did! That's grat Fred"
"I have to go tell George," he said practically jumping up and down, "See you later."
"Bye!" i yelled after him as i watched him running toward the common room dodging students. My head was filled with thoughts of the Yule Ball and my want-to-be-date, i didn't even see him until i ran smack into Malfoy.
"Watch it Gryffindor" he snapped.
"Get out of my way Malfoy." I said shoving past him running into Crabb and Goyle.
"You know i've been good today. I havn't messed with a single Gryffindor. But for you i am willing to change that." I pulled out my wand and pointed it at him. "get her" Malfoy commanded.
"Pertrificus Totalus" i yelled, my spell hitting Goyle.
"What are you waiting for Crabb? Get her" i watched as Crabb slowly backed up and ran down the stairs. My guess was he was heading to the kitchen. Now my wand was pointed at Malfoy.
"You got lucky this time Gryffindor" he said.
"What's wrong Malfoy? Can't fight a girl by yourself?" i laughed.
He pointed his wand at me "Why you little..."
"Expelliarmus" i said knocking his wand down the many flights of changing stairs. "Bye Malfoy" i said waving as he ran away.

Sorry guys i've been so busy lately. I havn't had time to write anything. I'll add when i can, but it won't be very often.

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