Love in Pranking Form (George Weasley)

Love in Pranking Form (George Weasley)

Look also for the Fred and Lee versions. :)

Listening to Casting Crowns and KJ-52 i love it!!!!

Chapter 3


The rest of the day went by in a blur. Well, except for in potions where George and I got detention for dancing to the new Weird Sisters song. Luckily for Fred he saw Snape before he got caught and he apparantly "forgot" to tell me and George to watch out. So that's where i am now, serving detention.
"Hurry" Snape said as we entered his office, "Do not sit in that chair Mr. Weasley." George quickly stood up from his seated position. "I have something other than lines for you, since you insist on wasting my time with detention."
"You dont' seem to have a problem issuing it." i said.
"Ten point from Gryffindor, Mrs. Knight." he said smirking, "Madam Pomfrey will be overlooking your punishment of cleaning the hospital wing. Lucky for you Mr. Whitby just left after being cured of a vomiting hex."
"A sad unintelligent first year Hufflepuff. Now go."
"Wait does this mean your not going to be there?" i asked.
"I have better things to do than watch you clean Mrs. Knight."
"Good." i said.
"Ten more points."
"Your still standing there." he smirked.

Cleaning the hospital wing was more fun than it sounded. Madam Pomfrey stayed in her office reading a book while George and I cleaned. I was washing the bedpost when George declared war. He rubbed his wet rag across my face getting soap in my mouth. I quickly wiped the soap from my mouth and quietly snuck behind George.
"Now the trick to making things extremely clean is to first apply soap," i said flashing George an evil grin as i poured the soap onto his fiery red hair. "Then add water and rub it in," i said while doing so, laughing the whole time.
"That's it girly. Its on!" he yelled grabbing me by my waist. He held my upside down above the water bucket.
"George No! Please dont!" i yelled.
"Its only fair." he laughed. He wouldn't do it though. He only got the tips of my hair wet before sitting me back on my feet.
"Ha your weak." i said tossing a sponge at him which he caught and threw back wetting my shirt.
We continued fighting until Madam Pomfrey had noticed. "Stop that this instant," she yelled at us, "And clean this mess up. This is detention not play time."
"Sorry" we said. We went back to cleaning and occassionally sending a sponge across the room at each other.
After we finished our detention we walked back to the common room.
"Hang on Arriana," George said." you still have soap in your hair." He reached over and started getting the soap out of my hair. I looked up and his face was only inches from mine. My breathing had stopped. He had beautiful eyes. The air grew tense as he looked back into my eyes. "um, Arriana? Can i ask you something?"
"yes." i whispered.
"Ok, um... will you"
"There you guys are." Freds voice came from the now open portrait. "I went to the dungeon but you weren't.." he stopped when he noticed how close George and i was. "What's going on?" he asked.
George cleared his throat and took a step back his face was bright red, "She um...had soap in her hair."
"Ok, well lets go. I have awsome news"
"Actually," i said breathing again, "I think i'm going to go to bed. See you guys in the morning."


"Dude" George said hitting Fred when Arriana had left.
"That was my chance and you interrupted."
"Your chance for what? To get soap from her hair?" Fred was completely clueless about George liking Arriana.
"Nothing. Never mind." George said walking to his room.
"George? i was joking. What chance?" Fred yelled after him.

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