Love in Pranking Form (George Weasley)

Love in Pranking Form (George Weasley)

Look also for the Fred and Lee versions. :)

Listening to Casting Crowns and KJ-52 i love it!!!!

Chapter 2


"Hey Fred" i said taking Georges normal seat beside Fred.
"Hey" he said reading a piece of parchment.
"What's that?" i asked.
"Something from Angelina. About a surprise."
"A what?"
"Here look" he said passing me the parchment. It was wrote in neat handwriting. Angelinas handwriting. It read....."I overheard Professor Sprout and McGonagall talking about something new they were going to try this idea what it is. Thought you might want to know."
"I wonder what it is." i said as Fred shrugged.
"Oh no girlie. Your not taking my seat." George said walking over to us.
"Too late." i said, He just grumbled and sat in front of me. The note on his back was still there.
"Um....George?" Fred started.
George turned around as i was punching Fred.
"Nothing" he turned to me, "That hurt."
"Good' i smiled
Professor McGonagall came in soon after that. She made a short speech about something called a Yule Ball, where we got to dress up and dance.It sounded pretty fun. Everyone seemed excited until Professor McGonagall started teaching todays lesson.
Fred scribbled something on a piece of parchment and slid it to me. It said, "Who you gonna go with to the ball?"
"Whoever ask me" i wrote back.
"Anyone you want to ask you?"
"What about George," Did Fred know that i liked George? How could he i would barely even let myself know.
"Everyone knows you like him"
"Does he?"
"Nope. He's not that smart"
"Just like you"
"Want me to hint it to him?"
"No, unless you want me to tell Angelina your deeply in love with her."
"Im not"
"George told me"
I smiled at him "You dont say anything i wont"
"Deal" he wrote. I slid the parchment under my book as Professor McGonagall walked by. A smile escaped her lips as she saw the note on George's back. She looked at me and with a wave of her wand the words changed. It now read, Professor McGonagalls favorite detention buddy. I laughed, but she still removed it from his back.

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