Love in Pranking Form (Lee Jordan)

Love in Pranking Form (Lee Jordan)

La la la living he loved me, dying he saved me, buried he carried my sins far away, rising he justified freely forever, one day hes coming oh glorious day la la la Great song :)

Chapter 1


"Wheres Lee?" i asked the guys at breakfast
"Oh hes trying to show us he's not a goody two-shoes," George said.
"What do you mean?"
"He's in the dungeon setting off a dung bomb," Fred said.
"Right in front of Snape," George said.
"Oh, so he wants detention." i smiled
"Yep" they said.
"Hey Ron," i said as he sat beside Fred and began inhaling his breakfast.
"Hey Arriana," he said through bites.
"Ron, slow down. There's plenty of food its going to dissappear," Fred said.
George and I laughed as Ron slowed down to chew what handful he had in his mouth.
"Good boy," George said.
"Thats right. Our little Ronnykins is growing up." Fred laughed.
I pushed George and threw a piece of toast at Fred," Guys leave him alone."
Ron gave me a thankful look and continued eating.
"Whatever, see you in class Arriana," they said as they left for Transfiguration.
Lee came running in a few minutes later and sat beside me.
"Hey Lee," i said.
"Hey, Wheres Fred and George?" he said looking around.
"They said they were going to class but i doubt it," i said, "Why?"
"I got detention."
"From Snape?"
"How did you know?" he asked.
"Twins told me."
"They know everything." He said.
"Unless it involves school."
"Hey Arriana," Ginny said skipping up, "And Lee. I'll stay out of your way," she said. "Come on Ron." She grabbed her brother and ran back out the Great Hall.
"What was that about?" i asked.
"No idea," Lee said blushing, "We better get to class."


"Ginny i was not done eating," Ron said.
"Oh well," she said.
"Why did you pull me away?"
"Because you were invading their conversation."
"About Lee getting detention?" he asked.
Ginny rolled her eyes, " I guess i have to explain everything. Lee likes Arriana and you were in the way."
"Oh" he said "You still could've warned me so i couldve grabbed something to go."
"Ron dont say anything about Lee liking Arriana. He told me that in secret. Okay?"
"Yeah sure" he said walking away.

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