Love in Pranking Form (Fred Weasley)

Love in Pranking Form (Fred Weasley)

Ok, so i couldn't decide. A few people wanted Fred. Some George. Some Lee. And some said all three. So i went with all three...this is the Fred one and George and Lee are soon to come.

Chapter 1


"What am i going to do, George?" Fred asked him one morning.
"Homework i guess," George said playing with an extendable ear.
"Thats not what i meant," he said, "I'm talking about Arriana."
George stopped playing with the extendable ear and looked at his brother, "If you like her so much just go and ask her out."
"And if she doesn't like me? You know i'm not good with rejection. Remember?"
"Yes, Yes i know. Getting turned down by a muggle never leaves you the same," George said, but he had never seen his brother freak out so much over a girl. He was going nuts with all this talk about Arriana. "What is it you want me to do Fred?"
Freds face lit up slightly, "Will you see if she likes me?"
"Sure no problem. Hey Arriana my brother is head over heels in love with you. Do you like hime too?"
"No! Don't do that! Please George help me."
George rolled his eyes, "only because your acting so pitiful."
"Thanks George" Fred said relieved, "But hey," he said as George went to find Arriana, "Don't tell her i love her."
George just smiled and kept walking. Fred knew putting his brother on this task was a bad idea but he was desperate and George was the one person he completely trusted. He decided to skip breakfast and do his Transfiguration homework just incase Arriana is at breakfast.


I was doing my homework with Ginny the next morning when George came in and sat beside me. He looked like he had a tough morning.
"Fred is going nuts," he told me.
"Why? Is something wrong?" I asked.
"Yeah, he likes this girl," George said.
"HaHa is that all? Who is she?" i asked.
"Can't say i told fred i'd keep it a secret. Any idea on how he should handle it?"
I thought for a second, "Well if I knew who I could help more, but since its top secret maybe he should try to be a really obvious flirt, girls love romantic stuff. Or he could just ask her on a date."
"He's scared she doesn't like him so asking her out is not an option" he said looking at me.
"Well he's a Gryffindor. Tell him to be brave." i said laughing.
Ginny leaned across the table, " I bet i know who he likes," she said smiling at me.
"Ginny dont say anything," George told his sister.
"I wont, but if Fred wants i can help alot," She said.
I looked back and forth from George to Ginny, "Will someone please tell me what's going on?"
"Can't" they both said.
"Fine, see you in class George," I said getting up and going to Transfiguration.

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