A Love Forbidden By The Gods. (Percy Jackson Love Story) (Discontinued)

Kitty South: Tall, slim, platinum blonde hair, dark violet eyes with red sparks in them. Father: Hermes. age 15 Likes Percy.

Main places: Camp Half-Blood, Kitty's home, Kitty's school, and more to be discovered

There are some differences in this story to the books, first, Luke is not bad. Second, Annabeth does NOT like Percy. and Third, there is a prophecy that is preventing Percy and Kitty to like each other, but they still do XD This will be told from Kitty's point of veiw...

Chapter 1

The Wolf Howls At Noon?

I ducked as Luke swung his sword at me, then I moved quickly and soon I had him pinned to the ground.
"Had enough yet?" I panted
Luke smiled, "I've never had enough training." Then he pushed me off and grabbed his sword and we contined with our training. But it was not like I needed the training, I was one of the best fighters here! Then I heard Chiron's voice.
"Alright you two, enough training for today. I think if you kept training at this point, you'd drop to the ground dead." He laughed. I stopped and breathed heavilly. Luke looked at me, "Good job Kitty. You're pretty good. Got me down just about everytime!" He smiled, "I'm glad I may never have to face you in battle, especially since you are my Half sister"
I grinned, "Yeah, but I still get to face you in training. and we all know who wins at that now." I punched him in the shoulder softly. It was a common friendly gesture with me. Then I heard a familiar voice.
"Hey! Its been a while." I turned and ran to hug my friend.
"Hey Percy! Its been a while since I last saw you!"
He smiled and hugged me back. Then I step back besides Luke. I looked around, confused, I had heard a wolf howling. I thought to myself, A wolf howling? But its only Noon. I looked at them.
"Did anyone besides me hear a wolf howl?" They looked at me like I was crazy.
"No. Why would a wolf be howling at noon?" Percy asked me
I shrugged, "Beats me, I was just asking if anyone else heard it." I turned and started to walk towards where I had heard the howling.
"Where are you going Kitty?" Percy asked me, I looked back at him over my shoulder.
"I'm going to find out whats making that howling sound." Then I looked into the forest and kept walking. I had to find out where that howling was coming from and from what...

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