Another Cinderella Story (Chapter 3 out)

I just randomly came up with this and I don't think it will be to good.... It is my first actuall story so yea.

Name: Katelyn Marie Age: 16 Hair: Medium length blonde Eyes: Green

Chapter 1

It all goes down hill from here

BEEP BEEP BEEP Katelyn groaned as she got up to get ready for school. She picked up her phone found a text from Jared. I am sorry babe but it's not going to work between us anymore Tears slowly streamed down her face making it almost impossible to wear make up so instead she just wore and left for school.
"I hate math Michelle" Katelyn wrote on a note to change the subject off Jared.
"Katie stop changing the subject and talk to me!!!"
"I will tell you when I am ready"
"kk Lunch?"
"KATELYN!!!" yelled Mr. Staner.
Apparently he had been yelling for Katelyn for awhile and asked her for the 5th time what 5* 6/2.67+4.5-6 * 465+3= and she replied "7200".
"NO!!! The answer is 4530.219101123596 You better shape up in this class unless you want to come to school on a Saturday."
~~~~~~~~~~ LUNCH ~~~~~~~~~
"So what actually happened Katie" Michelle asked inquisitively.
"Here look at my phone"
Michelle read the text and then gave Katie a hug "He doesn't deserve you Katie. If you want me too I'll go find someone to hurt him for you"
"Thanks Michelle but I will pass there is no point in beating a dead horse dead"
"Katie you say the wierdest things sometimes"
"Yea I know"
Then she looked up and saw him. That one guy. Perfect Black hair, Blue eyes. It was if they were the only people in the room
"katie...Katie...KATIE!!!! KATELYN MARIE!!!!"
"Snap out of it You were in a trance with Jake an----"
"So that's his name... Jake I like that!"
"I'll go get his number" Michelle said while rolling her eyes walking away.
"Love you too Chellie"

~~~~After School~~~~
"So what did you find out about him???" Katelyn asked.
"Well as you know his name is Jake. Here is his number." Michelle said while giving Katelyn a piece of paper the had the numbers 555-5555
"Thanks Michelle"
"You're Welcome"
Usually at Katelyn's home her parents aren't home until late as in 9:30 at night but for some reason that day they were. Katelyn walked in to the family's kitchen and saw her mom and dad.
"Hey Mom.... Hey Dad... What are you guys doing home so early???" Katelyn asked while eating a poptart.
"Katelyn sweety sit down we need to talk"
"Sure thing"
"Okay as you may or may not have been noticing me and your father fight alot nowadays and we both feel that we don't belong with each other anymore."
The tears started up again for Katelyn.
"Katelyn don't worry I will be the one moving and you will stay with your mother here."
That's when Sally walked into the room. She ment everything to Katie. Sally was a golden retriever.
"oh yea and Katie???"
"Yea Dad"
"Sally is coming with me."
Katelyn then stormed off to her room taking Sally with her.

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