History Repeats Itself ~A Nico Di Angelo Love Story~

Name: Aster Evanthe Grande
Age: [however old Nico is, which i have forgotten{but im pretty sure its, like, 14 by the time they reach the HoO, which im setting it around}]
Mother: Demeter
Father: Manny Grande of Grande Gardens
looks: light brown hair, short, innocent, green eyes, wears green dresses all the time
acts: bubbly, cheery, fun

Chapter 3


The next morning was a saturday, we had a break. I sighed and woke up at dawn, as usual. I went through the usual routine of getting ready, putting on a light green dress with pink and orange flower patterns going down the side, all the way down to my knees. I put on a white sweater over it, because it had thin straps and no sleeves, and it was cold in the mornings. I brushed my hair and went to the place i felt most at home, the forest. I started picking different flowers, like blue Aster, white Carnations, Daisies, pink Hyacinth and some Stock.

Then i sat and arranged them in a bouquet and someone took them from me. I looked up and it was Nico. "I didnt know you woke this early?" I said, trying to grab my flowers back.

"I didnt know you did either. So what do these mean?"

"You want to learn what flowers mean now?" He nodded and sat in front of me.

"Well, give these back," I grabbed them from him. "Then we can start."

"Ok, so, start."

"Im not a very good teacher, but lets start alphabetically." I made a small tree grow and plucked the yellow flower from it. "This is an Acacia-"

"It looks like a yellow fuzzball." He poked at it, plucking another one and playing with it. I sighed and knocked it out of his hands, turning his head so he faced me.

"Do you want to learn or not?"

"Oh, yeah."

"Ok, this is an Acacia, it means concealed love, beauty in retirement and friendship." We continued on all day. Eventually i made him memorize them all and made a random plant grow.

"Begonias, they mean beware. You know, that must be why a lot of these are planted outside of the entrance to-"

"Focus." I made another grow.

"Red chrysanthemum, i love you." I smiled.

"Good. Now this one." I made another grow.

"Gardenia," He looked up at me. "You are lovely..."

I nervously tucked my hair behind my ears. "And?"

"And? Oh! And secret love."

I stood up, a garden of flowers all around us. "I think that does it for todays class. Meet here tomorrow for another lesson?"

"You bet."

I smiled and we headed back to camp. We still had an hour or so until dinner. "Lets go berry picking."


"Why not?" I headed towards the Big House to get some baskets.

"Its boring." Then i saw Flor and waved.

He came over and looked at Nico. "Is this Nico Di Angelo?"

"In the flesh. And a bigger pain-in-the-butt like than you would think. We were just going to pick berries."

"Oh, i'll come with you."

"But i dont want to-"

"Come on, lets get some baskets." We picked up some baskets and headed to the field.

Flor and i made the berries ripen and grown while Nico plucked them off the branch. After all of the baskets were overflowing we headed to the Big House to drop them off. "That was fun!"

"No it wasnt." I giggled and looked back at Nico.

"Admit it, you loved it!" We dropped them off and headed to the arena to watch some fights.

Dee Might, a daughter of Hekate was fighting Dan Minning, a Dionysus kid. "Whats their deal?"

"Dee turned Dan into a pummice stone because she was all out. She was about to put him in a potion when he changed back. Now hes angry, so they're duelling." I nodded and watched them.

"Dans gonna win."

"Dont count on it, Dee's been here long before him, he got here after i did. That was only last summer. He got here this summer. Dee's been here since she was very young. I talk to her once in a while. Although she mostly does the talking. She told me that she came here when she was five because her father dropped her off, knowing that she wouldnt be safe with him for too long. She stays here all year round until her father decids its safe, and shes had enough training to be in the real world."

"She told you all that?"

"In two seconds. Shes a real big talker." We watched as she took Dan down

I leaned over to whisper to Nico. "Told you."

"Whatever." Then the dinner bell rang and we all headed to the Mess Hall. I sat at the edge of my table, as usual.

We did the usual, this time the sacrafice smelled of caladium. I smiled as i headed back to the table, whispering to myself. "Great joy." I ate my dinner and headed to the cabin.

I pulled out my white nightgown and light blue silk pants. I slipped them on and lied there until everyone else was asleep, then i realized something. This is saturday night. I must've skipped Capture the Flag yesterday. I never thought about that. Ah, well. Theres always next week. I looked around the cabin wheat and flowers hanging out of random places. The place was a havoc of colors and smells. I smiled and envisioned the thatched roof. I think i like this cabin the best, and not just because this is my cabin.

I sighed and got up, looking around to see if anyone was awake. No one was and i snuck out and hung around in the forest, listening to the monsters lurking in the shadows. I knew they were waiting to pounce, but i had my double-sided dagger ready. I made a white lily and put it behind my ear. "Well, thats true."

I turned to see Nico. "Uh, hi."

"Why cant you hang out at night somewhere else?"

I stood up. "Because im fine. And whats true?"

"The flower." He pointed at it and put his hands in his pockets. "White Lily, purity and sweetness."

I blushed and walked over. "So you taking me to my sister or what?"

"Oh, yeah." He pulled me close and jumped into a shadow. An odd feeling washed over me as we went through it, one i didnt notice before. It felt almost sad and depressing.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Again, the site i used is this one => http://www.meanings-of-flowers.com/flowers.htm
So sorry if its wrong, those are my resources.

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