History Repeats Itself ~A Nico Di Angelo Love Story~

Name: Aster Evanthe Grande
Age: [however old Nico is, which i have forgotten{but im pretty sure its, like, 14 by the time they reach the HoO, which im setting it around}]
Mother: Demeter
Father: Manny Grande of Grande Gardens
looks: light brown hair, short, innocent, green eyes, wears green dresses all the time
acts: bubbly, cheery, fun

Chapter 2


We slammed into the ground, but not at camp. I stood up. "What th- Where are we?" I looked around and we were in a dark palace looking place. "Uh, the only place i thought of." He stood up and ran his fingers through his hair. "Where. Are. We?"

"My dads palace....."

"Your dads what now?!?" I launched at him, but he stepped back through a shadow and appeared behind me. I turned, but he pulled me towards him again, covering my mouth.

He whispered in my ear. "Stop making such a fuss. The hell hounds will hear." I scratched at his hand, he finally put it down, still holding onto me.

"I thought they were your stupid dogs."

"Well, technically yes. But they dont really listen to me much, since I've had no experience with them yet. The only reason i havent been eaten yet is because i smell like death." He held up his hands for emphasis, then quickly put his hands around my waist again before i could get away.

I sniffed. "You do smell a bit disgusting. When was the last time you showered?" He did something like a growl and i waved my hand over him, a flower crown went on his head, flowers sticking out of every nook and cranny on his body.

I stiffled a giggle. "Thats better. Now you dont stink as much. And you look prettier." He shook them all off.

"You're worse than Persephone."

"I heard my name! Whos this?" I squirmed out of his grasp and slightly curtsied to Persephone.

"Aster Grande. Daughter of Demeter, nice to meet you."

"Oh," She smiled and shook my hand. "A sister."

I turned to Nico. "Told you!" He stuck out his tongue, and i did the same, and turned back to Persephone.

"Lets get more comfortable. How about going to my personal garden?"

"Sure, any way to get away from this gloom." I gestured to the palace as we started walking, Nico trudging behind us.

"Yes, i've tried getting sn interior decorator down here, but my husband refuses."

"Thats because its fine the way it is."

"Nonesense, Nico. Everything in here could use a little life."

I looked at the dark table with a drooping vase of flowers on it. "Some things more than others. Maybe a good dusting, some actual color. This place could be very welcoming. Just think, if we got an Aphrodite and a Demeter kid down here, this place would be wonderful!"

"Yeah, see, thats what i said. These underworld people just dont get it."

We entered a garden of beautiful flowers, with a table and chairs in the middle of it. "This is amazing!" I squealed as we sat down.

"I know, this is the only place in the whole underworld with any life. Boy, is Hades stubborn, he hardly let me have this. I'll just be glad when i go back up to the land of life."

"I thought-" I was about to say something, but she kept talking as if she didnt hear me.

"Although i do love my husband, i miss seeing living people, and breathing in fresh, clean, air. And not smelling like death will really be good. And i'll get a tan again."

"You do look kinda pale." Her skin was practically white, her dress and hair looked faded and her eyes were a translucent mix of green, brown and blue.

She shrugged. "Thats what happens when you get taken to the underworld unwillingly and eat a pomegranate from the garden. Make sure you dont eat anything by the way."

I nodded. "I know, i've heard the stories, and trust me, i will not make that mistake."

"Good, good." We sat there laughing and talking for a while. Then Nico stood up.

"As much 'fun'," He made quotation signs. "As this has been ladies, i think Aster really needs to get back to camp."

"Oh, no. I dont have to be back until morning. I like talking to my sister. Sit." I pushed him down into the seat and started talking to Persephone again.

"Are you sure? I mean, its fine. You can go."

"But i-"

"Nico can take you down here again. Now," She got up, holding my hands. "You need rest. Nico, take her away. Bye, sister."

I waved as Nico pulled me into a shadow. We ended up in from of my cabin. "Night."

He shrugged. "Later." I was about to step into my cabin, then turned back and hugged him.

"Thank you."

He looked shocked as i pulled away. "For what?"

"Kidnapping me, letting me see my sister. Good night Nico, and please dont go."

"Why? You want to visit Persephone again tomorrow night?"

"Yes, and i had fun torturing you."


"Yeah, like this." I waved my hand again and flowers burst out from him again. I picked out some babies breath and put it into his hands. "You need more of this."


"Look up flower meanings. Babys breath is happiness."


"Yeah, I can teach you the meaning of every flower i know of if you want."

"Cool," He walked backwards. "That would be great." I nodded and went into my cabin and fell asleep.
This is the site im using for the flower meanings => http://www.meanings-of-flowers.com/flowers.htm
So if you think its wrong, then im sorry, but i was using reference.

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