History Repeats Itself ~A Nico Di Angelo Love Story~

Name: Aster Evanthe Grande
Age: [however old Nico is, which i have forgotten{but im pretty sure its, like, 14 by the time they reach the HoO, which im setting it around}]
Mother: Demeter
Father: Manny Grande of Grande Gardens
looks: light brown hair, short, innocent, green eyes, wears green dresses all the time
acts: bubbly, cheery, fun

Chapter 1


I had heard stories about the Di Angelo kids, about how Bianca died helping Annabeth and Percy, and how Nico is still out there somewhere. I don't know for sure, i had come to camp not too long ago, and I stay all year round, since my father is too busy and too poor for me to stay at home. I sighed, thinking about the adventures of them, well told when someone snapped their fingers in front of my face. "Huh?"

"Earth to Aster! Come in Aster! Do you copy?" I shoved Flor, making him bay in annoyance.

"Oh be quiet." Flor was my best friend, and a satyr, and my only friend. We walked to the strawberry fields with a few baskets in hand.

"So what were you thinking about this time?"

"The stories of Nico and Bianca Di Angelo."

"Why do you find them so interesting?"

"I dont know. It just confuses me. Why would Nico leave? I understand that Bianca died to save friends, but Nico has friends here, doesnt he?" Flor shrugged.

"I know just as much as you." I shrugged it off and we started picking berries. After all the baskets were full we dropped them off at the Big House. I turned to Flor.

"Im going to pick flowers in the forest."

"But, its dangerous in there."

"I can do it alone if you dont want to come."

He looked at me nervously and sighed. "Ok, see you later then."

I waved and skipped to the forest. I made flowers blossom and grow. Then i leaned down and picked them. "Ow! What the-"

I turned to see a boy in the shadows. "Hello?" He looked down at the ground.

"If this is your way of saying i need a girlfriend," He looked up. "You could have just- Oh, hi."

I held the flowers to my chest. "Who are you?"

He stood up and held out his hand. "Nico." Nico? As in Nico Di Angelo? I stepped back, not trusting this boy that fell from the shadows. "Ok then...." He ran his hand though his hair. "Whats your name?"


"As in star?"

"Yes. And Nico as in victory of the people."

"Ah. You're fond of name meanings too?" I nodded, still not trusting him.

"Well, i have to...." I looked down at the flowers. "Bring these back, see you." I gave i quick wave and walked until he couldn't see me, then i ran back to camp.

I put the flowers in a pot at the cabin and went out by the lake. No one acknowledged me, so i sat there for a while until Flor came over. "Finally, i was looking for you everywhere."

"Well, I've been here, sitting, watching the Naiads do Naiady stuff."

"Ok one, you are the only person i know who says Naiady, and two, i thought you were in the forest picking flowers."

"I was, until some boy stumbled out of the shadows. He said his name was Nico-"

"As in Di Angelo?" I shrugged.

"He never said."

We sat there watching the Naiads until dinner. Then we headed to the Mess Hall and i sat at the Demeter table on the end. I looked around for Nico and there he was, at the Hades table. I stared at him in shock and he waved at me. Chiron did his usual thing and we lined up for the sacrifice. It was my turn and i dumped some vegetables in the fire and looked up, whispering. "For my mother, Demeter and my sister, Persephone." I inhaled the fragrance of summer and went back to the table.

I ate in silence as my brothers and sisters talked. After dinner i went and did the usual routine that night. I lied in bed, in the darkness and i couldnt get to sleep. I sighed and got out of bed, into the forest again. I walked around, listening to the sound of monsters, being careful to stay away from them. I sat on the ground, looking around in the darkness. "Boo!" I jumped, looking around to see where it came from. Nico came out from the shadows.

"Why are you out here? The monsters could just as well eat you. Those Harpies arent any better either." I stood.

"I made friends with the Harpies, and i am careful to avoid any monsters. Besides, i could say the same for you, Nico Di Angelo."

"Ah. So you've found out my real name. Well, i can always just shadow travel if im ever in trouble." I nodded.

"Have you been to the underworld lately?"

"Why?" I leaned down and plucked out a moon flower, putting it behind my ear.

"I was just wondering how my sister was doing."


"Yes, Persephone."

"Shes your sister?"

"Well, both of us are daughters of Demeter, so yes, she is technically my sister." Then i smiled and crossed my arms. "Which makes me your step-aunt."

"No it doesnt."

"Yes it does!" I sung that out.

"Oh, shut up! It does not!" I smiled at his anger and left. I heard him following behind me. "You are not my step-aunt. You're just a girl." He said something else, but i couldnt hear him. I sighed.

"Would you just go away!"

"Why? Im just as welcome at camp as you are."

"You know," I started changing the subject and turned to look at him as we stopped by the lake. "You are nothing like i thought you would be."

He raised an eyebrow. "What did you think i would be?"

"I dont know! The stories the others told me were about how you could raise the dead, make them do your bidding. They say your sister was a hero, i- I thought you would be the same."

"Dont talk about my sist-" I heard a Harpie screeching not too far away. "Crap, come here."

"What?" He pulled me towards him and jumped into the shadows.

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