A Draco Malfoy Love Story :D

A Draco Malfoy Love Story :D

I know somethings in here are not like they are in the book, I made most of this stuff up, but I hope you enjoy the story. :) Comment and Rate how well I wrote the story. :)
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Name: Kayla Hermet
Hair and Eyes: Long, Wavy, Strawberry Blond hair, Dark Blue eyes

Chapter 1

Feelings For The Wrong Person

"Kayla, you have all your stuff for school?" Yonda asked me as we waited for the wall to be open. I nodded when it was time and my older sister led me to the train. I loaded on the Hogwarts train and sat in an empty compartment. I sighed and heard the door slide open. My hair flipped behind me to see who was walking in. A black haired boy was standing there staring at me with a brunette and a redhead arguing behind him. I looked away and hissed, "You can sit in here if you want" I heard footsteps and the door shutting. I felt a hand on my shoulder, "You okay?" I turned to see it was. I blinked in front of the black haired boy. I nodded solemnly and he introduced everyone to me. He pointed to the brunette and redhead, "This is Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley." He pointed to himself and said in a gentle voice, "And I'm Harry Potter." My eyes widened, "You're Har-Harry Po-Potter? My father told me all about you." I blurted. Harry smiled and Ron chuckled. That made me blush. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to blurt that out. I'm Kayla Hermet. I'm a new one." I held me hand out like an idiot. Harry took it without hesitation. "Nice to meet you, Kayla." When we got to Hogwarts, A tall man named Hagrid, led us to the castle. I rode with my new friends. When we arrived, I was taken up in front of everybody and seated. The teacher named Professor McGonagall put a hat on my head. I freaked when the hat started talking. 'I want to be with my friends in their house' I thought. "You want to be with your friends, eh? Well, then. Gryffindor!" I looked at my new friends and saw them clapping like crazy. I settled down and went to sit down next to Hermione. The head professor, Professor Dumbledore, told announcements and we ate when the food appeared. I shifted uncomfortably. I felt like someone was watching my every move. I looked up from Harry's face to see a pair of light blue eyes staring at me. He was handsome with his sleeked back blond hair and striking blue-gray eyes. He smiled and I looked away. Harry stopped speaking and asked if I was okay. I shook my head and pointed to the handsome boy. He looked at him for about ten seconds before he hissed under his breath, low only for my ears. "That's Draco Malfoy. You would want to stay away from him, Kayla. He's a dirty rotten toad." The retort made me burst out laughing. With tears streaming down my face, I couldn't help but look at Draco. The sight of him only made me laugh harder. After dinner, we grabbed our luggage and headed to the dorms for my house. With stuff unpacked by my bed, I went to sleep thinking about Draco the toad. In the morning, I threw on my robe over a plain red t-shirt and white jeans. After brushing my hair and teeth, I headed to class with Hermione. "So, Hermione. What's the Draco Malfoy business?" Her eyes darkened and ignored me. We walked in silence until Hermione stopped moving, "Well this is where I go, so see you at lunch. Oh, your class is the next hall over. Good luck, Kayla." With that, she ducked into a dark room full of noise. I sighed and followed her directions. When I got to the hall, my mouth dropped open. There were about eight doors in it. I chose one and stepped in. The professor stopped speaking. I stuttered trying to say what class I was looking for. "Potions, I know." The professor responded coldly. "I'll show her where the class is being held." I turned toward the voice. Oh, my goodness. It was Draco Malfoy. The handsome boy I'd caught staring at me during dinner. He looked at me and smiled. The teacher waved us off, "I have a class to teach, now beat it." We left the room as fast as we could. I slowed down when I was out of range of the professor. Draco started laughing. I looked at him with profound confusion. He looked back at me and I asked, "What's so funny?" Draco settled down and whispered, "I'm still remembering what you looked like trying to find an excuse for class." I raised my eyebrows, "It's true! I can't find my class. So, Harry Potter said to stay away from you." Draco was silent. "What happened between you two?" He sighed, "You're that curious?" I nodded, "Okay, well, Potter hates me because my family are the-......the bad guys." I interrupted, "What kind of bad guys?" He looked mischievous, "You really don't want to know." I laughed, "Okay, whatever." I took my eyes away from his beautiful face and rested them on the paved ground. "So, um, Kayla, right?" I nodded, "Well, um, do you want to hang out in Hogsmead this weekend?" I looked shocked and he blushed. I responded immediately, putting my hand in his. "Yes, of course. I would love to." I smiled and we walked in silence. "Well, here you go. Potions." He finally said, "Thanks Draco. I really appreciate it." He smiled and bent down to press his lips to mine.

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