Depression and Suicide (2)

This is just a informational thing about depression and suicide. This is all from things i have learned through school and personal experiences.

Chapter 1

Depression and Suicide

Depression hurts. We've all heard that saying before and its true.
There are different levels of depression as well.
Low Risk-The individual has THOUGHTS about suicide but hasnt yet thought about how they would do it, when, where, etc.
Mid Risk-The individual is not only thinking about suicide but also has a PLAN to carry it out.
High Risk The individual not only has a plan but they now have the MEANS to carry it out. For example they have a gun in their possession or amount of pills to overdose.
There is a difference between depression and sadness. Sadness goes away after a reasonable amount of time. Suppose you had a bad day, or flunked a test. Its understandable to be sad after a loved has died. Doctors say that if you are sad for over 2 weeks, you could be depressed.
Are you afraid your friend or loved one is suicidal? Here are some warning signs.
-attempted suicide before?
-Been talking about suicide?
-been wondering about death?
-Been giving away special/personal items?
-Been moody/showing sighs of being depressed?
-Been struggling with alcohol or drug abuse?
-Been engaging in risky behaviour? (breaking the law, misconduct at school)
-Lost of interest in doing things they used to enjoy?
-Been withdrawing or isolating him/herself?
-Suffered a loss? (parents divorced, relationship problems, family abuse)
Its important that if you think your friend or loved one is suicidal, talk to them about it. They might have shown signs that they want help and by talking to them, it shows that they aren't alone. Ask them if they are suicidal. If they say yes, dont acted shocked or try to tell them what to do. Don't judge them. Don't ask why they are suicidal, because its hard to answer. DONT PROMISE TO TELL NO ONE. Instead, tell an adult you trust. Believe it or not, they can help and you can get out of depression and suicidal thoughts and actions.
Always remember, if someone attempts or dies by suicide, its not your fault. Never blame yourself.
If you think someone is at serious risk of suicide and they have told you they are suicidal, dont leave them. Call 9-1-1 immediately. You should also tell them you are glad they told you and that you are going to help them.
Most of the times, people will accept the help. They believe death is the only way out of their misery and pain but it isn't. Depression is treatable.
I hope that whoever reads this will understand that depression and suicide doesnt just affect the one person. It affects everyone around them, and trust me, Suicide is never the answer.
Here are some websites if you want to know more.

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