The Endless Tales of Paul The Magic Unicorn

The Endless Tales of Paul The Magic Unicorn

So one day I got extremely hyper, like, lets put it this way, my friend Derrel described it as "you know when a normal person takes shots and shots of jack? its like that."
so tada, here it is, "PAUL THE MAGIC UNICRON"

Chapter 4

Phive the Fish

I wrote this for my friend's birthday. So...hope you like it as much as she did!

There once was a fish named Phive
and it was his birthday today
He was turning 6 you see
Very old for a fish

Phive was afraid to tell his gay lover PaPaul
For 6 was old and he could die
PaPaul was only 2
The news could break his fragile heart

He couldnt break his heart
He wanted to propose
They could adopt kids
And be happy forever more

So he went and saw PaPaul
he proposed on the spot
He said "yes"
Then they had some great gay sx

They went to the adoption center
They adopted a girl
A little pig

They named her Dominique
But then Phive had a heart attack
He died right there

PaPaul was over come with misery
He slit his own throat
But he healed because he's a unicorn
He saw Dominique
He raised her as his own
They lived happily forever...then one day PaPaul got hungry

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