The Endless Tales of Paul The Magic Unicorn

The Endless Tales of Paul The Magic Unicorn

So one day I got extremely hyper, like, lets put it this way, my friend Derrel described it as "you know when a normal person takes shots and shots of jack? its like that."
so tada, here it is, "PAUL THE MAGIC UNICRON"

Chapter 3

PaPa'ul the Magic Unicorn

Paul's tummy felt ill
from eating dear Paula
He threw her up
In a nice, vomity mess.

"Oh thank you Paul, I love you" said Paula
"Uh, yeah thanks" he replied.
"Oh I must repay you," she said
"Then let me have a try"

They walked into the forest to old farmer Ken's home
The TV was on, and Paul in a mood
He took Paula in the living room
And threw off her dress

He turned on the TV
Watching his favorite porn
Multitasking along with Paula
Oh crap now she's gonna have a kid

As prego as she was Paul loved her still
Months later she had her kid
PaPaul, their very favorite son.

One day PaPaul walked off into the forest
We went to a lake
And met a fish
His name was Phive

They instantly fell in love
And went at it.

The end..........


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