The Endless Tales of Paul The Magic Unicorn

The Endless Tales of Paul The Magic Unicorn

So one day I got extremely hyper, like, lets put it this way, my friend Derrel described it as "you know when a normal person takes shots and shots of jack? its like that."
so tada, here it is, "PAUL THE MAGIC UNICRON"

Chapter 2

Paula The Magic Unicorn

Paula the Magic Unicorn

Paul the magic unicorn
Running through fields of corn,
Found another unicorn that was just born
And he named it Paula.

Paul and Paula became the best of friends
Living in pink rainbow dens,
And day they found and ate some hens
Unicorns are now carnivores : )

After they ate the hens they heard a noise
Caused by some nasty farm boys,
Then Paul remembered and so did Paula
They were in that field of corn again.

The farmers chased them,
They ran out of sight, until they saw Paula,
Once Paul Noticed he ran up behind the farmer and…
Then he ate him.

There’s the tale of Paul and Paula,
They lived as friends happily until the end
Until Paul missed breakfast and he ate Paula
And that’s how unicorns became extinct!

The End

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