Tough Love (Hogwarts Love Story) Part 8

Tough Love (Hogwarts Love Story) Part 8

hey guys, this is chapter 8, but u probably guessed it already XD lol
okay, this is her story, but keep in mind that's not all of it! :D
so, anyways, enjoy!!

Chapter 1

My story

"Both my father and my mother were wizards, I'm not sure but I think they both went to Hogwarts. My mother died when I was one year old. I don't know how. Actually, the only thing I know about her is that her name was Laylah and that she had the same eyes as I do." I sighed and looked at my friends' faces. They were silent, without a move. I continued "I know even less about my father - only that he was a wizard too.""But didn't you ever ask what happened to them?" Harry asked me carefully. I sneered on that "Wait...I'm not finished." I said. "I've lived with my grandmother, my mother's mother, in her mansion. Only ones who live there, beside me and her, are the house elves, and they are not allowed to talk to me." Hermione opened her mouth to say something, but closed them when Ron shushed her."We didn't have many guests either. Even when somebody did come over, they tried to avoid me cause it's easier that way. You see, my grandmother made everyone who's close to our family to make an Unbreakable Vow which will prevent them from telling me anything about my parents or the magic world."
"Um, wait...what does that mean?" Harry asked a bit confused. "Well, you can't break an Unbreakable Vow..." Ron said nonchalantly and I chuckled. "Awe, Ron." said George. "I'd worked that much out for myself, funnily enough" Harry said to Ron smiling. "Guys! You're being rude!" Hermione stated, and turned to me "Joan, please continue." Fred and I chuckled, but Harry, Ron and George glared at her..
"Even though she tried to alienate me from magic, I still saw parts of it, though I kept it from her. The only person my grandmother let to talk to me is Severus..." "Snape?!" all of them said in unison, shocked and I laughed "Yes, Snape." Fred and George pretended to faint and Ron and Harry exchanged looks."You don't get it...he isn't like you think he is." "Sorry but I would rather believe that George's a she than that Snape's good. Ouch!" George kicked Fred in the back of the head.
"I know you don't believe me...but, he's the only person I've ever considered as family. He's like a father to me." "But, what about your grandmother?" I sneered when Ron asked me. "She too tried to avoid me whenever she could. Not so much when I was younger as for the past two or three years. She would speak to me in two-word sentences and I saw her only during meals. It was like she was scared of me, like I had a disease or something. She didn't even wanted to come out of her room after I got the letter. Severus took me to the Leaking Cauldron and payed me a room there with the money she gave him for the room and the school supplies.I stayed there till I went to King's Cross." I sneered when I saw Hermione wiping her eyes. I cried so many times that I was sick of crying anymore.
We were all silent for couple of minutes when Fred asked "But why didn't she want you to know?" "I don't know that either. I asked Severus couple of times, but he couldn't tell me anything,because of the Vow. But, he would always tell me stories about quidditch and potion ingredients - cause they're not really magic." I smiled as I remembered the story he told me about bezoar when I was four. George sneered "Don't say that infront of Percy - he's in Snape's advanced class" he said immitating Percy's gestures and his wand waving "George, you look just like Percy!" we laughed and just then Percy walked in "Hey guys, have you seen my Prefect badge? George, what are you doing, you look like an idiot!" I literally fell on the floor from laughing!

Fred and George followed Percy to his room, jinxing him all the way to there, and Ron and Hermione started arguing about something, I'm not sure what anymore.
Harry sighed to them and sat down on the floor next to me. We were infront of the fireplace, it was nice and worm. "Um,Joan, I'm sorry about your parents..." "Thanks, Harry. It still hurts, even though I never met them..." "Yeah, I hurts eve when someone mentions..." he said quietly. I looked at him confused What is he talking about? He saw my face expression "You don't know?" he muttered. "Know what?" I asked now even more confused. He just looked at me with an amused look on his face. "Wow, you're not kidding." he chuckled. "Kidding about what? You're confusing me Harry!" I said and pushed his shoulder with mine playfully. "I'm The Boy Who Lived." said Harry imitating one of his fan-girls. "I know that, everybody's talking about it. I just don't know what it means...I asked Severus, but he wouldn't tell me, which is strange cause the vow isn't stopping, tell me." he stayed silent and looked at the fire for a minute.Then he started his story, almost whispering.
"My parents were killed when I was one year old, by a wizard called Voldemort. He attacked our house and after he killed them, he cast a curse on me but it didn't work." he sneered "You see, he couldn't kill me, but he could kill them." Harry said painfully and I knew how much he was hurt. I squeezed his hand and put my head on his shoulder. "Harry, it's not your fault you know that.." he sighed but continued "After that, Hagrid took me to my aunt and uncle's house and I lived with them and their son ever since. They never told me anything and they treated me like I was nothing to them, like I was worthless. If Hagrid didn't come...I don't know where would I be right now." We were silent for a minute or two, just looking at the fireplace."Wait...what about that...Voltemort guy? What happened to him? Did they caught him?" "He just disappeared after trying to kill me. Hagrid told me that he doesn't think he died, but that he's hiding somewhere...i don't know..." I knew the pain he felt cause of it, I knew the whole he had. "I'm sorry Harry." he smiled a little "Thanks, Joan. Let's talk about something else, shell we?"
After about five minutes Harry and I had to split up Ron and Hermione, cause they started throwing things at each other and I saw Hermione pulling her wand out and that can't turn well for Ron. Hermione and I went to our room."Augh! He's such an idiot! You know, he called me "SmartFace". What does that even mean?! That my face is smart?!" Hermione was yelling the whole way there. "No, Hermione, I think he was just..." "Being a baby! Do you know how stubborn he is?!" I chuckled This is going to be a long night.


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