Curses of the sea

Curses of the sea

I got this idea in a dream so enjoy!

Lyric Hensen is a royal mermaid who is taken from her family and is given legs unable to use her tail. the only way to get her tail back is to kiss a certain person with the only knowledge being his last name being Hanely, little does she know he is the biggest jerk in the entire town and will make a few requirements.

(I don't actually know where Gainesville is)

Chapter 1


I sat in front of my newfound friends in my, also newfound, bedroom. It was pretty bland, all white walls, not decorated with anything; a small bed with plain light blue sheets and blankets; a dresser with very little in it topped the room off.

I'm Lyric Hensen by the way, I'm of the royal Hensen Mermaids. Recently I was taken from my family and had my tail taken away by an evil enchantress, Jadas, with the promise that if I wanted to return to my family, with my tail, I had to be kissed by someone with the last name of Hanely. I didn't even know who that was. I was taken in by two nice people that lived in a town called Gainesville. Cathy and Hugh Gushings were their names, they live on the coast of Florida next to one two other houses.

"So where are you from?" asked Braylee, she was one of the friends I had just made.

"Um...just somewhere in Florida." I averted my eyes from hers and my door opened after a breif knock upon it.

"You guys could you please go for now?" Cathy politely asked of them clasping her hands together. The girls in the room smiled and walked out, their houses were behind mine in the next neighborhood over so I imagined it wouldn't be a far walk. I had told Cathy and Hugh about the enchantress and surprisingly enough they believed me, I mean mermaids weren't exactly what people would think of as real. Little did they know, they were very real.

I smiled at them. "Thank you guys so much for taking me in," I offered my thanks.

Waving her hand Cathy said," don't worry about it." She sat at the edge of the bed I sat on.

"Lyric tonight we invited both our next door neighbors for dinner tonight," Hugh spoke up from beside Cathy.

I nodded. "What time will they be here?"

"6:00." With that he stood up with Cathy. He was almost out the door when he turned and added," be ready at 5:55." I nodded just before he turned on his heel and left the room.

I got ready at 5:40. Cathy had gotten me a turquoise dress that flowed and was short in the front long in the back. The dress went well with the silver high heels she had gotten along with it. The Gushings weren't exactly rich but they definitely weren't poor. Their house resembled that of a wealthy person's.

I stood examing myself in a full body mirror that was placed in my bedroom. As I did this I heard the ringing of the doorbell and straightened my posture as I left the comfort of the room that looked off into the ocean and descended the staircase into the living room, where Hugh greeted two men around my age of sixteen, I suspected they were a year or two over. With them were, assuming I was right in my guess, their parents.

"Oh, there you are Lyric!" Cathy exclaimed. "This is the girl we were telling you about." She smiled and walked over to me, placing her hands firmly on my shoulders. "Lyric this is Xander Bashings and his parents Dawn and Gabe, and this is Zane Hanely and his parents Zanessa and Henry." My head shot up as she said his last name. Hanely. if I wasn't mistaken, and I was pretty sure I wasn't, Hanely was the last name of the person I have to kiss in order to be with my family again under the sea.

"Nice to meet you." I bowed my head politely, offering up my biggest smile.

"Likewise," said the parents of Xander.

"Dinner is ready now if you guys are hungry." Cathy motioned to the dining area stationed behind her, as she now stood in the doorway. We made our way over to the room that held a long table and chairs which had food placed on it.

"So where are you from dear?" Zane's parents asked as Zane shot me a smirk.

"Just somewhere in Florida," I repeated myself. Zane knew I was a mermaid, he had to know. If he was the one I was supposed to kiss then he knew. His parents obviously didn't know as much as their son seemed to.

"Where in Florida?" Zane edged on. "What? You don't remember the name of the town?" There was a dangerous glint in his eyes and something told me I shouldn't answer with attitude.

"Umm...Tampa." I'd just said the first Floridian town name that popped into my mind. He didn't look satisfyed but dropped the subject. It was then I noticed Xander hadn't uttered a word since he'd been here so, in an effort to include him, I smiled brightly at him. He returned the smile and no one seemed to notice the sparks but us. The only other person who had noticed the smiles between us was Zane and he didn't look happy about it.

Most of the dinner passed in silence with comments on weather and the food we were ravenously inhaling. It seemed to be a short amount of time we sat there eating but it was probably more 30 minutes.

After dinner I gripped Zanes arm and pulled him aside, into the study Hugh had built there for work as he had told me.

"It's you isn't it? You're the one that can save me from this...from this curse!" I spat.

"Easy there, princess." It was definitely him.

"Well, come on! If you can save me take me to the water and kiss me so I can return to my family."

"Actually," he said running his fingers across some impressive looking leather bound books," I think I'll 'play' around with you for a bit." That enraged me. How dare he deny me an entry way to my parents?

"You can't do that!" I was almost yelling. "You need to let me kiss you and go back to my family."

"Nah." I opened my mouth to protest but the door opened and Xander popped his head in.

"Zane your parents are leaving," he informed us.

"Thanks," he answered sounding a bit like he was mad. He narrowed his eyes at Xander as he left.

"That guy is a jerk." Xander watched after him.

"Tell me about it," I muttered. He looked back over to me.

"Well I should get going." I nodded.

"It was nice to meet you." I smiled and he returned the smile instantly.

"You too." His beautiful smile was still in place when he turned and left the study. I stood ther alone in the study in a flowy dress and silver heels with my blonde hair curled. I don't know how long I was there but after Xander left Hugh walked in.

"Oh there you are Lyric. Cathy was looking for you." He sat down his glass which I suspected was full of wine.

"Well I'll just go find her then." I walked from the study leaving Hugh to indulge in reading and the alcohol of his wine. Cathy was in the kitchen putting all the food and dishes away. "Hugh said you were looking for me."

She looked up."Yes. I have some sleep clothes for you and some clothes," she informed me. I nodded and waited while she dried her hands. She led me to a room I had passed many times but had never looked inside. The room held tons of band posters and was painted a vibrant purple. The sheets were a green that went well with the purple of the walls. "This was our daughter's room. She died a few years ago from an accident at her school." I saw a hint of what could only be sadness cross her features. Not once had I seen her without her smile. She grabbed some clothes from the drawer and shoved them into my arms. I turned walking out of the room quickly and returning to my own.

When I returned I shifted through the pile quickly. The stack contained mostly skinny jeans and band shirts. I sighed and put the clothes in the dresser messily. Amongst the pants and shirts there were pajama clothes so I hastily put those on. I'm guessing their daughter was the same size and height as me because the clothes fit perfectly. Yawning I climbed into the bed with light blue sheets and turned off the only source of light in the room, a bedside lamp. I drifted into a dreamless sleep.


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