My vampire life, at 16

Chapter 1

My first day.

I was sitting in the park, it was the half term so I was of school for the week. I was sitting on the bench when I felt hands on my back and I saw a man standing behing me. He looked aroung the same age as me and he said "Hello, and, I'm sorry." I sat there, confused when suddenly I felt a pain on my neck. After that I ran home, into the bathroom, and looked in the mirror. What I saw horrified me. I saw bite marks on my neck and fangs in my mouth. I was a vampire. Suddenly I turned around to see the man again. "What did you do to me?" I whispered angrily, I had always wanted to be a vampire as a child, but I never thought it would actully happen. He replied "I am sorry about all this, but you were going to be killed. I saved you by killing you." I was stunned, but gavered up the corage to say "Who are you?" "Someone you shouldn't know about just yet." and he flew out of the window.


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