The Fox And The Wolf

The Fox And The Wolf

When a wolf pup goes missing, A beautiful vixen, known as Celeste, is blamed. She is given till the next full moon to find it. Watch as her life is turned upside down, and has even been given her own "Escort", known as Arnou, A strong silver wolf, to make sure she doesn't just run off into the woods never to be seen again. The race is on, and the fox and the wolf are running out of time.

Chapter 1

Fox hunt

by: The_theif
He lowered his head to the dry leaves and inhaled deeply. Her smell was here. She was here. I lifted my long silver wolven head, and his eyes darted back and forth between the trees. Without a word, his two pack members, Bhangi and Kayiya knew exactly what he had just known, but just to check, Arnou turned to them. Kayiya nodded her blond snout once, and Bhangi shook his black jaws twice, confirming they knew. The two followed Arnou's lead, and whirled their heads above the trees. The vixen was here somewhere. They had chased her all the way through the golden fields of grass and through the deep woods. They weren't going to give up after coming this far. Besides Adolphus, their Alpha, had told them not to return without her. And both him and his two companions were thinking of the god-knows what punishment they were to receive if they came back empty-handed. Arnou remembered the last time he had failed, as pawed at the scar on his left cheek, a permanent memory. But Arnou quickly shook the torturous and painful thoughts from his mind, and only served to motivate him more. He put his nose to the ground again, and hoped to once again catch her smell, and memorize it's contents.
I watched the warriors, or, more correctly, the wolves, from up in the thin, flimsy tree, that swayed when the wind blew gently on it. I knew they were hunting me, But their purposes I did not understand. But why? What had I, Celsete, done to anger the wolves? God knows, no wolf in the right mind would try to eat a fox. Or, at least, not usually. If this was about a meal, then they would've looked elsewhere, and also wouldn't be TRYING to track a fox, like myself. They would've moved on. I loomed above them, not daring to move a muscle, yet, unafraid. I Curled up in the thin, yet strong arms of the tree, waiting for them to leave.
To Arnou, it made no sense. The trail stopped there, right under the... tree? The tree... Arno looked up, and for a second he could not see her, but then the vixen's green eyes met his with an icy and wise glare, and then he barked out in a strong voice to his compatriots. “In the tree!”
The moment the silver wolf had barked out the words, the blond and black rushed to the tree, jaws open. I shot daggers with my eyes, as the Silver one pushed his paws into the bark and the young tree began to lean in the opposite direction. I clutched into the tree with her own claws, a small amount of fear finally starting to sink in. I just hoped whatever they planned wasn't that bad.
"Get her, Kayiya!" Shouted the silver to the blond.
"Just a little further, Arnou!" Shouted Kayiya, the one who had run to the side in which the tree was leaning towards. Her body was lean and thin, and I realized she just might be able to outrun me, if I were to jump down. She wagged her tail below me, her jaws slightly open.
"I got it!" Shouted the big, bulky black one, his silky shadowed full bulging with muscles and scars. It was obvious he would easily kill me if I were to fight. Not that I'd even stand much of a chance to a wolf. He ran to the silver one's aid, and put his bulk on the tree. I then took observation that the silver was a balance of both, and in my eyes, the most dangerous. A wicked scar ran across the silver one's left cheek, and I noticed, obviously fresh. Under their combined weights, the tree began to lean even further, as my tail was practically in the blond one's jaws. I kicked off from the branches, soaring a distance above the blond one's head, and without thinking, took off. I listened as my paws splashed through the cool water of the puddle, wetting my toes, and after I ran a small distance further, heard two more paws splashing in it.
Wait, only two? I looked back to see only the blond one chasing me with white hot pursuit, her tongue hanging out of the side of her mouth, her eyes alight with yellow lightning, a storm brewing in her head. I ran fast, but then, out of the brush bursted the silver wolf, as his bright, teal blue eyes turned to face me. I immediately veered to the left, the opposite direction of which he came from, and dodged the trees agilely, their branches too high for me to climb. But then I halted in my tracks, as the bulky, big black one grinned evily, eyes alight with sadistic humor. I turned back, and their met me the other two wolves, their faces mirror images of the black ones. Except the blond one's, Kayiya, was a bit more psychotic, and the silver one's, Or, as I remembered, Arnou's, held more purpose. Before I could think, the silver one was upon me, pinning my chest to the dirt, my fur tangled up in the mud. I gave a moment of thought, if I were to die here. And for that moment of thought, I only kept in mind one person: Tokala, the silver fox, and in all honesty, my lover. 'Don't cry for me, Tokala.and I hope you find a new love' I whispered in my head, and then a voice brought me back to reality.
"Weren't fast enough for us, now were you Foxy?" a voice sneered. It was edgy and dangerous, yet feminine. I looked at Kayiya, and stared at the confident yet ugly smirk that curled about her lips. Otherwise, she was in all ways, beautiful. But that smile... was pure evil. "Don't worry, it's not your dying day yet. Maybe some other time." I relaxed.
"What do you want then?!" I snarled. "Release me!"
"Oh, as if you don't know! right, Arnou?" A deep voice boomed, the black wolf. Arnou simply nodded, his eyes showing no emotion as he stared at me as if in a deep trance.
"Did you think you could possibly get away with it?" growled Arnou. "And while I was watching the pup?"
"What?!" I gasped.
"All we had to do was follow your scent, sweetheart." he said snidely. "You see this scar?"
"Well because of you, Adolphus carved it right out of my cheek, for letting you get away with it!" He snarled ferociously. "You did this to me!" then he paused, and he smiled. "But now, it's your turn."
I shivered at the thought of what they planned to do to me.

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