Mr.and Mrs.Knife!

Mr and mrs. knife go through hard times
with thier son butterknife!

Chapter 1

A normal day?

Hello the story is told by me Mr.knife. This is my wife Mrs.knife and my son

Butterknife. We live a normal life not including all of the fighting. Shh don't tell

my wife, but i am getting a divorice with her. So i can get funky with the

grapefruit. Let's get funky! Allright, if you tell her ill chop ur ball off! So don't

mess with the knife! Okay here's how the day started out. Honey i'm home!


Are you there, i have to talk to you about something important! (smootch) (Hey

babe! wip it now grl! ) Wt ++++was that? My wife runs out of her room


nakd roll playing with mr. marshmellow! Well now we really have to talk. This

marrige was a fail There isn't a spark anymore. I never thought that it would

come to this but, I can't belive you, you beep! Put your clothes back on and

let's talk about this! Okay! beep i wasn't done with u marshmellow bye babe!

Yes! This is an easy way to tell her. I mean who would still be married after

something like this was to happen! Remeber what i said about spilling the

marbels! i'll cut em off! She ran down the stairs and sat on the couch next to

me. What were you doing with marshmellow? Well what in the ++++ do you


i was doing. I mean are you that dumm? Well i guess i had an idea. Yes i

was +++++++ him! okay gawd! Fine if that's how you want to be then..well idk.


IS GETTING A DIVORICE) Wt i said not to spill the marbles! Grrrrrr! That's it.

Wife let me take care of some buisness! Grr wt i thought we were tight with

this whole agreement. I said i would beeping say it. Well i am a man of my


I never lie. So i guess i'll have to cut your ball off! (CUTS OFF) NOW LEAVE!

Okay my buisness is done. Why do you have bals hanging out of your mouth?

Oh no reason no reason at all. Did you kil someone again? Yes! Who? The

beeping audience mother beepers or should i say the reader what a +++++++



Calm Down! Fine! Now whats about the whole divorice thing? Well i can't be

married to a no good lieing cheater wife! Oh i see, I'm sorry! well you can't

sweet talk me beep! Okay then. Well we are going to the lawyer tomorrow!

Whos the lawyer? Mr bacon! Dang you must have known this was comming for

a while! oh no he is my best buddie so ill get my way! NOW GO HOME!

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