I Can Explain: I Love You! A Harry Potter Love Story

I hope you like my stories, because here's another one! I'll try not to delete it...lol. And Ginny did not marry Harry...ok? I'm making some changes from the book.
Character Info:
Name-Lauren Russo
Year, Age, House-7, 17, Slytherin
Looks-Pretty: Chocolate brown hair+eyes.
Personality-Popular, nice, friends w/ Slytherins and Gryffindors.
Bffs-Hermione, Harry, and Ron. Made up people: Zoë Santana and Allison Jones.
Well...enjoy! Commenting, rating, and favoriting will be appreciated!!

Chapter 1

Head Boy and Head Girl

It's my last year at Hogwarts. I wave goodbye to my family and walk onto the Hogwarts Express. I search for a compartment for my two Slytherin friends, Zoë and Allison. Yes, us three are Slytherins. Yes, I know you think that Slytherins are mean, sinister, and evil. No. Not me and my girls. We make friends everywhere, and we're even friends with Hermione, Harry, and Ron."I can't wait until we get to Hogwarts! I'm going to be Head Girl with Hermione. Draco and Harry are being Head Boy. I might have to share a dormitory with one of the guys though...I don't mind. They're both cool!" I say, when we've finally a compartment. The train starts to move, and Zoë says, "Sharing a dorm with a guy? I don't like that!"

"I don't really care...except we might have to share a bed. That's the problem." I reply. Suddenly, our door opens. Draco Malfoy walks in and says "Hello, ladies. Mind if I join?" We giggle and let him sit down next to me. "Can't believe Potter's Head Boy. Such a jerk." he sneers. Wait, did he just say that? "Really? What's wrong with Harry? He's my friend." I say.

"Potter? Your friend? You are so not a true Slytherin. Gryffindors are freaks. Or should I say, Gryffindorks? " Draco snickers and I bite my lip to avoid cursing. Instead, I punch him squarely in the face, his nose bleeding. "You little-you're going to regret that, Russo! No one punches me!" he yells.

My girls and I grin. "Then take that back. You will not call Gryffindors jerks or freaks. Or I can just kick you in the place you don't wanna be kicked." I jeer.

"Fine, whatever. But you will pay for that, Russo." he says. Zoë, Allison, and I storm out leaving Draco behind. "I guess what I thought of him was wrong. He's such a stupid git!" I say.

"No kidding!" Allison says. We spot Harry, Hermione, and Ron's compartment and ask if we can join. "Sure! Sit down!" Hermione says. She scoots next to Ron and Allison sits next to her. I sit beside Harry and Zoë on the other side of me. "Draco's being a huge jerk." I tell them.

"Well what do you know? He's being himself!" Ron says, eating Chocolate Frogs and laughing. We talk for a long time and the train stops. "We're here." Harry says. The six of us race out of our compartments and off the train. "Oh, gosh! I think Dumbledore's waiting to see us!" Hermione says to me and Harry.

"Right! See ya, guys!" I tell Zoë, Allison, and Ron. The three of us run into the castle to Dumbledore's office. Draco is already there. "Well, you know what you're here for. But I'm just going to tell you the dormitory arrangements. Harry, you'll share one with Miss Russo. Draco, you and Miss Granger." he tells us. Hermione and Draco exchange horrified looks and give a silent yelp. "Is there a problem?" Dumbledore asks them.

"I will not share a dorm with Granger. Never. No way!" Draco says.

"I'm sorry, Mr. Malfoy but I cannot change this!" he replies. I feel like crying for Hermione. Harry's face looks pityful too. Hermione bites her lip and glances at me. "Damn it." Draco mutters, and kicks Dumbledore's desk. Hermione, Harry, and I thank Dumbledore and walk to the Great Hall. "I can't believe it. I cannot! How will I be able to survive with him?" Hermione tells almost the whole Gryffindor table. Yes, I'm in Slytherin, and I can hear her. "She's sharing a dorm with Draco??" Zoë and Allison say at the same time. I nod my head slowly and sadly. "Wow...that's-that's really bad!" Allison says.

"It's bad for me too! You should feel bad for me!" Draco yells across the table. We roll our eyes and keep talking and eating.

Harry and I walk up to our dormitory. "Wow!" he says when we enter. My side of the room, the Slytherin side, has dark green paint on the walls, a desk, and a bathroom. Harry's side has a bathroom too, blue paint on the walls, and a dresser. "How come you get the dresser?" I say, jokingly.

"Because I'm too awesome!" Harry jokes back. He pushed me playfully and I fall onto the big bed we share. "Harry!" I shout, laughing. I pull him onto the bed, and quickly roll to the other side so he doesn't fall on top of me. Harry chuckles and we both get back up. I go to my bathroom and he goes to his so we can change into our pjs. When I'm done, I see Harry unpacking his things. "Is that Hedwig? She's so cute!!" I say, when he places the owl's cage on the dresser. "Yes, that's her!" he replies. I unpack my things as well: A lot of clothes, my owl, _______ (Help me figure out a name!!), my books, and my toothbrush/toothpaste. When we were both done, we climbed into bed. It was dark, but I could see his eyes, a little. They looked different without his glasses. "Goodnight, Harry." I whisper to him.

"Goodnight, Lauren." he whispers back. I think I'm developing a crush on him! On my very own best friend! Omg...but I'm not totally in love with him yet. Yet...

So, how was it? I need ideas for my owl's name! Please comment, rate, and possibly favorite?! I don't usually write the next chapters if there aren't many comments, because that makes me think not a lot of people like it. If you do, then tell me and give me ideas! Thanks, guys! :D ;) =P :) ;P =D :P ;D =) ~~~

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