Is it possible?! (Seth Clearwater love story)

Is it possible?! (Seth Clearwater love story)

So I just got this idea for a story I have no idea how it will turn out! But I'll just go with whatever pops into my head! Let's give it a try, and tell me what yah think! :)

Chapter 1

Getting to know Gabby!

~Character Info~
Name: Gabrielle Marke (The 'e' in Marke is silent)
Nickname: Gabby or Gabs
Age: 16
Hair: Wavy, ends just about 3 inches below her shoulders, reddish brown
Height: 5' 9"
Looks: not skinny but not fat just curvy, with tan skin
Eyes: Change from brown, greenish, greyish, goldenish, to hazel all the time & the whites turn slightly blueish when she is mad
Other info: She has a slight temper but usually keeps her cool. Shy to people she doesnt know, but is outgoing around people she likes. Good sense of humor. Very hard for her to trust people, and if she does you must have done something incredable!
Familey: Nathaniel Marke (Father) and Dina Marke (Mother)

Name: Nathaniel Marke
Info: Gabby's dad. About 6'6" with short redd hair, 38 years old, good sense of humor

Name:Dina Marke
Info: Gabby's mom. Around 6' with medium bown hair to her shoulders, 37 years old, a usually happy person

Other Character's: Wolf pack, Cullens, and some suprise guest's latter in the story

So, the Marke's seem like a typical one child familey right? Wrong! I must have forgotten something relitivly important...all three of them are angels. Not so normal now huh?

Author's Note
Ok so thats all I got right now. Tell me what you think!Hope you like so far!
And if you read my Suprise Love story I will (hopefully) update that today or tomarrow!

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