Skylar In L.A. (girls only)(part 3)

Skylar In L.A. (girls only)(part 3)

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Chapter 1

a date, and someone who wants to ruin my date??

i walked into my first class (english) and i never noticed before but there was tyler. he sat across from me. "hey sky" he said. "hey" i said and smiled as i took my seat and we begun. i never noticed how many classes i had with tyler until today. i had almost all the same classes with him! at lunch i sat down with Cary and Valorie. we were talking about my date when the ENTIRE soccer team showed up. "hi sky" they all said. "um hi guys. this is cary and valorie, they are friends of mine. cary, valorie, this is the team." i said. out table was incredibly full now. "so what were you guys talking about?" mason asked. i had seen him making eyes at valorie the other day. i'd need to set them up soon. "we were talking about Sky's date with Chris." valorie said. i blushed. and i noticed tyler got really quiet all of a sudden. thats weird. "chris, captain of the lacrosse team chris?" james asked. "yup. that Chris." i said. he just nodded his head. after lunch i had my first class with Chris, gym. we played boys vs girls flag football. i got Chris's flag a few times, he didnt get mine once.
~ After School ~
i was changing the locker room. my hip looked slightly purple. yay a bruise! not. i put on an identical outfit to yesterday, except this time i was wearing a white tank top instead of a t shirt and the shorts were a little shorter. i walked out and a few of the guys had to do a double take. i just waved and started shooting. "all right, listen up. today we are doing hard core work out. no complaining. what we are going to do is run 2 laps on the track, come to the field and shoot five shots, sprint 2 suicides up and down the field, and then to complete you have to juggle for 100 straight and do 50 push ups. got it? good! GO!" tyler shouted. why does he seem so mad? i started running and finished that easily, the five shots were fine, the suicides hurt as always, juggling was like sleeping, and the push ups were pretty simple. i still aked once we were done. i was the first done. most of the guys were having issues with the 100-straight juggling thing. i walked over to get my water bottle. "good job." tyler said. he wasnt working out. "thanks. how come you arent working out with us?" i asked. "coach is out today and he asked me to cover for him." he said. i just nodded. i looked at my watch. 5:30. "CR@P!!" i shouted. i grabbed my stuff and ran towards the locker room while tyler gave his speech to the guys. i quickly showered and threw my wet hair in a braid so it would be wavy for tonight. i ran towards my car. "SKY? WHERE ARE YOU GOING?" tyler yelled from across the parking lot. they were just getting ready to leave as well. "I HAVE TO BE SOMEWHERE IN AN HOUR AND A HALF! BYE!" i screamed and drove quickly home. i blew dry my hair while it was in a brbraid and then took it out so it would be wavy. i bet tyler would make we stay late tomorrow for slightly bailing on practice but whatever. i changed into
( and did my make up. i put on black eyeliner annd some gold/brown eye shadow and mascarra. i added some lip gloss and i was ready to go. i checked the time. it was 6:50. i sighed and went down stairs. i told my aunt where i was going and grabbed my iphone and my purse just as the doorbell rang. i went to open the door and there stood Chris. "hey" i said. "hey, you look amazing." he said and smiled at me. "thanks. we ready to go?" i asked. he nodded and led me to his Hummer. wow that car is huge. he helped me in and we drove to the bowling alley. he beat me in both games, but she still bought out dinner. he got a slice of pizza and a soda, i got a salad and a water. "you eat so, healthy!" he said like it was a diseas. i laughed, "i try to. i have to stay in shape for soccer." i said. "you must be really good if coach let you on the boys team." he said. "i guess. i think i can be better. i'm not as good as Tyler." i said. "tyler? that guy lives and breathes soccer. once he dated this girl named Missy, she dumped him because he only talked about soccer." he said. i just nodded. i didnt say anything because it wasnt my business. after the bowling he took me home. he got my phone number and i got his. we planned a second date for frieday night to Krissy's big party. i'm not a big party person but i guess since it's LA i should at least try to be a party person. i came home did my homework and went for a jog. it wasnt a very long jog because it was almost 10 at night and i dont like to go running that late. i came home and went straight to sleep. i was so tired, i couldn't even explain.
~ 5:00 A.M. ~
i slapped my alarm clock so it would shut up. i was so tired. but today i wanted to look extra good so i got up and started getting ready. i changed into and i looked cute. my hair was curled (like the pic) and it looked super cute. i was really excited about people seeing me like this. i think most people think i am completely un-girly because i;m on the boys soccer team but i am definitely girly. trust me. and today was going to be fun...............


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