Harry Potter Love Story Part 46-5th Year

Guys, I am so, so, so sorry.
I really have no excuses for not putting one out in like, a yearXD
SO for those of you who are still with me, thank you& i love you.
I hope it was semi-ish worth the wait!
5th year will be wrapped up in this one.

loveee,,, Zoey(:

its a story, so itll be easier to read.. they go
george i

Chapter 1


by: Z0_Z0
It was the first official DA meeting. there were a LOT of people. Harry came in, and the class quickly got quiet. He set you all up to practice disarming. days went by. he really was a good teacher, you thought to yourself. then the next meeting,he set you up in pairs to practice stunning stunning. "..and _ , you'll be with me." He said. you couldnt help glancing at cho. her eyes were red and puffy. but they shot daggers in your direction. you glanced at Harry. why was your stomach doing flip flops? keep it together girl.. youre still mad at him, remember? "Okay! ready, you know what to do!" Soon wands were flying everywhere. Harry stood across from you. "Go for it" he said; with the ghost of a grin.You sighed and pulled out your wand. you were no good at this. "Stupefy!" you said, waving your wand. Nothing happened. "Try again, and move your wand like this" Harry demonstrated, You tried again, nothing happened. "I cant do it." You said. "Here, watch me" said harry. "Stupefy!" with a painful thunk, you were passed out on the ground. You opened your eyes, and harry was sitting over you. "Jeeze _ are you okay? I wasn't thinking.." he said looking really embarrassed. "Yeah i'm fine" you said, sitting up. "oh! ow" you felt the back of your head, where a bruise was already forming. "Crap, are you hurt?" he asked. you kept looking anywhere but him. He was so close. "just a bruise" you said, wincing. "Where?" he asked. very carefully, he felt the back of your head, then he grimanced when he saw you wince again. "sorry!" You grabbed his hand, and pulled it away from your head. then made the mistake of looking up in his eyes. His beautiful green eyes. You remembered baack in first year. when you had run into him. you couldnt help staring into them. "_ " he whispered. All the sudden, his lips were on yours. you automaticly leaned into him. Then with a snap, you remembered. you werent supposed to be doing this. he'd chosen cho over you, remember? you jerked away, and quickly stood up. you glanced around. either no one had seen, or they were just pretending. harry stood up. " , I'm sor-" "he began. "No. Harry, no. leave me alone." You stormed out. As soon as you were out of sight, you put a hand to your lips. you'd forgotten how good that felt.
The next day, harry tried to talk to you several times. you ignored him. he tried to corner you, or get you alone. but you avoided him. this continued for a while. then suddenly, one day, you didn't see him at all. what was that about? That night, hermione asked you to take a walk with herr. You thankfully put down your painful potions essay and headed outt. There was snow on the ground, but it wasnt snowing. it was a clear night, and your breath was creating little clouds around you. then, you started to hear some sweet strums from a guitar. "Whats that?" you asked, turning to hermione. she only shrugged. you moved towards the sound, but she lagged behind. as you got closer, you heard someone singing. (we are just pretending harry can sing and play guitar, k? ;) You walked closer, and it stopped. the guy turned around. "Fancy seeing you here
" he said with a smile. He looked really handsome, his hair all windswept, looking more black then usual against the snow, and his green eyes sparkeling."I think you set this up." you said. You glanced back at hermione, who was backing away. she waved guiltily. "Maybe i did. I kinda had to. you wouldnt have come if id have asked." you nodded your head, trying to look anywhere but him. "Are you going to listen to me?" he asked. "I dont think i have a choice" you said dryly. trying to ignore how fast your heart was beating. Harry grinned. He picked up his guitar, and started singing.

"I'm a mess,-I confess,-I was lost,-I'm nothing without you
I was wasting my time away
looking for what wouldn't stay
I know now.
my heart belongs with you.
baby, I'm honestly sorry

Come what may.
You can push me away, all you'd like,
I won't stop, throwing rocks, at your window tonight.
Hey you're beautiful,
Forget you're scars, I'll forget mine
We'll both let go of all this pain.
Won't you come and dance with me out in the rain?
I'm not leaving, come what may.

i took you for granted.
When you walked away,
every piece of me screamed your name.
I'd give anything, to show you, i love you
I need you.
You're the one who pulls me through
I can honestly say, I couldn't live a day with out you.
You're the only one for me
baby, I'm honestly sorry

Come what may.
You can push me away, all you'd like,
I won't stop throwing rocks at your window tonight.
hey, you're beautiful
Forget you're scars, I'll forget mine
We'll both let go of all this pain.
Won't you come and dance with me out in the rain?
I'm not leaving, come what may.

You were right about her all along.
I'm no good at admitting when I'm wrong
Please don't walk away.
Just listen to what I have to say.

Come what may.
You can push me away, all you'd like,
I won't stop throwing rocks at your window tonight.
hey, you're beautiful
Forget you're scars, I'll forget mine
We'll both let go of all this pain.
Won't you come and dance with me out in the rain?
I'm not leaving, come what may.

Push me away all you'd like.
Please just listen to me sing, tonight.
You're the only one for me
I'm honestly sorry
Please don't walk away
I'll always love you, come what may.
Come what may."

The strums of the guitar slowly spiraled away into the night. Harry didnt say anything. He just set the guitar down. You stared at him. He ran a hand through his hair, pointlessly trying to tame it. "_
, I love you. I'm really tru-" You cut him off by throwing yourself into his arms, burrying your head in his chest and sobbing. He held you, arms wrapped tightly around your waist. You looked up at him. Tears staining your cheeks. He gently wiped them away. Then slowly, hesitently, he lent down and kissed you softly. Short and sweet. You opened your eyes, and stared directly into his startlingly green ones. "I love you too" you said simply. Then you kissed him back fiercely. Both of you slightly smiling. You two stayed out there for a while. Untill you started shivering, So he wrapped a warm arm around your waist, picked up his guitar. And together at last, walked backed to this castle.

The next morning, you woke up, and smiled. Perfect. You went down to breakfast, and sat next to Harry. Hermione grinned hugely when she saw. Ron plopped. "OI! So are you two back together or what!?" Hermione subtly stamped on his foot. You smiled. And glanced at harry. "yeah, we are."
The rest of the year went by in a flash. Near the very end though. Trouble came.
Harry came hurtling towards you and hermione, you;d just came out of your HIstory of Magic Exam. Harry had collapsed, you knew it was his scar, and you were freaking out. "It's Sirius! He has Sirius!" He said. Then quickly launched into his vision. Before you could even open your mouth. hermione said "I thought you said you stopped having visions!" "Hermione, that isnt the point! HE HAS SIRIUS!" Hermione looked skeptical. She glanced at you. You werent too sure either. "Harry, Maybe... maybe we should talk to someone from the order" you said tenitavely. But no one from the order was around, dumbledore, and hagrid gone, Proff.McGonogal was still out. No one! SO you three quickly came up with a plan. (yall know what happens right? goes through the same stages. fast forward. You ginny, luna, neville, and ron just found harry and hermione in the woods, covered in blood) "HARRY!" you shriek. and run over. "are you okay?! what happened!" "I'm fine, _. It was grawp. the centaurs took Umbridge. How did you guys escape?" Ginny and ron launched into an exlanation, and ron tossed harry and hermione their wands. "Thats great, but, how are we going to get to the ministry?" luna said. "No! you guys arent coming. I'm going alone. I cant put you guys at risk like that" said harry. All of you immediatly shot him down. "oh helll no Harry. Im coming with you." you said. "well, it does t matter anyway," said harry through gritted teeth, "because we still dont know how to get there." "oh, thats easy." said luna. "The thestrals of course" (all of you get on one. you fly, yadda yadda.fast forward. your in the ministry. you just got the ridiculous pins. _ _, rescue mission. wow.) you all quickly make your way down. finally through several creepy rooms in the dpt. of mysteries, you reach the hall of prophecies. (sorry guys. im gonna fast forward through all of this. you all know what happens. if you dont. go read it. page like. 769. heehee. Anyways), you finally get back to hogwarts. You dueled insanely well for someone your age. you knew harry was alright. but you wouldnt believe it till you saw it with your own eyes. right now he was with dumbledore. you paced impatiently around the hospital wing. ron, attacked by the brains and ,hermione, weak from the curse were still under madam pomfreys care ginny had had a broken ankle,. and neville a broken nose, they were alright. Luna was a little beat up, but fine. THey were all sitting around. YOu couldnt sit still. "Where IS he?" you said for the millionth time. no one bothered to answer again. Just when you were about to storm up to dumbledores office, harry came in. You froze. And scanned every inch of him. trying to see if he was hurt. you saw the shadows under his eyes. with a pang, you thought of sirius. Tears threatened to overcome you. you swalled them bacck. Harry walked slowly towards you. And it was like he was the only one there. "alright _?" he said softly. YOu nodded. "and you?" you whispered, voice cracking. His eyes were bright with tears you could see he'd been holding back. He didnt say anything. just wrapped his arms around you in a tight embrace. he cried. you cried. And soon. everyone was silently crying. YOu were the first to stop. "hey. good work guys." you said. with a bit of a smile. "yeah. thanks" harry said. then you all sat down to read the daily profit.
too soon, it was time to go home. on the train. you sat close to harry, holding hands, head on his shoulder. he was laughing and smiling. but you could tell it was forced.the train finally pulled up to the station. with a jolt. you realized, your parents wouldnt be there, you were going to have to stay with your godparents. Harry caught your eye, and as if he knew what you were thinking. squeezed your hand. "they'll find them" he whispered. he just nodded. you both got off, harry helping you with your trunk. you stood on the platform, saying goodbye to everyone. "_
?" harry said. "one second!" you replied, hugging lavender goodbye. "_! Its your parents!" harry said. you whipped around. and sure enough. there they were. huge grins on their faces. a little thin, a little pale. but no more worse for wear. YOu dropped everything, ran over, and flung your arms around them, sobbing. "what! how! wherre?" you couldnt finish a sentence. they explained theyd been kidnapped. theyd been tortured, trying to get informatin about the ministry, but wouldnt cave. Then all the sudden, all the death eaters disappeared. saying, "the fights at the ministry!" and they had finally escaped. you smiled and cried. then turned to harry, who was smiling as well. Your mom hugged him, and your dad shook his hand. you turned to him, hugged him, and kissed him hard. "write me, okay?" he said. you nodded. "of course" he kissed you again, then with a smile and a wave, walked out into the muggle world.

"WHAT THE HELL.! where is he! I'll set him straight!" Draco yelled. "what are you gonna do? if you touch him he'll tell everyone!" you say quietly. draco chucks a book at the wall. "this is all my fault. you know this dick is gonna use this against you" you nod. and stand up, you walk over to him, and press yourself against him hands behind his neck. you kiss him softly. "calm down" you say, he takes a deep breath. "im sorry" he says, wrapping his arms around you. "Hey, i can handle myself hun. the guys a wimp" Draco forces a laugh. You smile, and kiss him on the cheek.
A lot of time goes by. Zabini hadnt pulled anything yet, but you knew he would. There was no way he would pass it up. But you had an idea, you werent sure if it'd work. You were down in the library, working on a history of magic essay. Just as you dotted your last I and crossed the last T, someone sits down next to you, to close for comfort. You tense up, having an idea who it might be. You glance over. sure enough. "Can i help you?" you say, trying to keep your tone flat. "actually, you can" he says. you dont like the gleam in his eyes at all. "I'm busy" you say. hopping to stall. he scoots closer and reads your paper. "nope. thats your closing line, nice try. come one." you stand up and he tries to take your hand, but you yank away. he shrugs. he leads you into a deserted classroom, and locks the door. "I'm not gonna beat around the bush. you know i think your hot. And everyone knows you picked draco over me. not good for my rep. And it wouldnt be good for you if everyone knew you were you-know-who's daughter would it? you see where im going?" he says. your all the way across the room. "Yeah, I see" you nod. Whatg was wrong with this guy? why was he such a slimeball? He flashed a grin. "I knew you would. In three quick strides he across the room and has you pushed up against the wall. his hands are roaming all over. you yank ut your wand as quickly as you can and zap him away. "Oh hell no. Blaise, you dont understand. I'm Voldemorts daughter. Touch me again. You might as well kiss your cushy life goodbye. Tell anyone. And well, use your imagination. We all know my dad has a bit of a temper, hmm?" You say, forcing yourself to sound cruel and in control. He had turned pale. "I. Oh. Um. Yes" he stammers. "Good. now that we understand eachother. Go the hell." and with that you storm out. As soon as yourfar enough away, you reach a stairwell, and sit down and cry. YOu felt horrible. Thats exactly what you didnt want to do. You werent like that. You cried,. You wanted to scream in frusteration. "Hello?" Someone calls. YOu think their down the hall. you clamp a hand over your mouth, hoping they'll pass by. They dont, the footsteps come nearer. you quickly wipe away your tears and stand up. The person rounds the corner, and you sigh. you couldnt decide whether you were glad or not to see him. "_
!" he says "are you alright!? What happened?!" You burry your had in his chest and he wraps you in a hug, you told him all that had gone down. He held you tight. "I hate this draco. I hate him. i hate voldemort. it isnt fair." he squeezes you. "hey, its alright." he puts his hands on either side of your face, and uses his thumb to wipe away another tear thats going down your cheek. "no one else is going to find out. you shut him up. you had to. and anyways, he had it coming." you nod, looking down. "_, look at me. Its OKAY" You look up and meet his gray eyes. Usually cold, but whenever he was looking at you, they were warm and sparkeling. "YOu arent a bad person. okay? you cant be. youve made ME a better person. which is prettty much a miricale" you smile. stand up on your tiptoes, and kiss. him. he kisses you back softly. hand trailing down your arm, to your hand. you feel like theres sparks dancing down that arms. suddenly. younwant to be surrounded by draco. you NEED to be. he seems to sens this, because he pulls you tighter, deepening the kiss. youre now against the wall. your hands twisted in his blonde hair. His hands are at your knee, and he lifts up the hem of your skirt fingers trailing up your leg. You gently pull away, both of you gasping for air.he backs up half a step to give you a little space, but you take his hand. "thanks" you say. "anytime" he says with that smirk of his. you smile, and walk back to the common room hand in hand.
that night you lay awake. that feeling was insane. and you realized at the rate things were going. you might soon no longer be a virgin. the idea shocked and slightly fascinated you. you knew you were quite ready yet. and you hoped draco knew that...
the rest of the year passed quickly! soon you were boarding the hogwarts exrpress. pansy, crabbe, and goyle were already in a compartment. Pansy seemed to have overcome her fear of you, somehow. you werent complaining. "oh sorrrrry _
, looks like theres no more room!" she said with a sneer. Draco smirked, and with out missing a beat, plopped nxt to pansy, and pulled you onto his lap, tickling you. you laughed and tried pushed his hands away, and straightened yourself into a more appropriate position, he finally stopped and just rested his hands on your waist. you two talked about whatever. crabbe and goyle sat there like gargoyles, and pansy occaisonaly triedd to jump in and flirt with dracom but he brushed her off, so she resorted to glaring. soon, you were all on the platform. it had been arranged that you were going to stay at the malfoys manor.but draco was going away right away, some trip with his father. you got off the train, and entered the muggle world. already wanting to go back.

The end of the year was approaching. You had taken to hanging out with Lee a lot. He was hilarious, and nice. And he was quickly becoming your best guy friend. It was the last hogsmead trip of the year. the weather was nice. you and Lee were just walking around. "Hey, _, wanna go into the 3 broomsticks? I promised someone Id meet them there!" "yeah sure, I need to get out of this sun" you said, Lee laughed. "don't wanna turn into lobster girl again!" He teased. you pushed him and stuck out your tounge. "I was outside all day with no sunscreen! Dont make fun! it hurt!" he just laughed "come on!" he said, grabbing your elbow and steering you towards the door. You two sat down at a table. "Hey, I'll be right back!" he said, hopping up. "you have the bladder of a squirrel" you laughed. "oh ha-ha. id rather be a squirrel than a lobster!" he retorted with a grin. "shut up" he laughed and walked away, smiling you sipped your drink you looked around. "excuse me miss, is this seat taken?" a guy said. you looked oveer, and then chocked on your drink. you started coughing. "_! are you alright" you coughed again and nodded, and then stood up so fast your chair fell over. "George!" you spluttered, throwing yourself into his open arms "glad to see me?" he said with a grin. "i dont know what to say!" He smiled even bigger. "I tend to have that effect on people" he said, striking aa pose. you hit him in the chest. "oh my gosh. when did you get here!?" you said. "like, 6 minutes ago" he said. he held you at arms length, and looked you up and down. "you havent changed a bit!" he said. "well duh." you looked HIM up and down. "YOU have though! You have a certain, je ne said quoi about you now.." you said, taking his hand, he sat down and pulled you on his lap. "I'm a buisness man, baby!" he said with a grin. "oh mhmm. How's fred? where is fred? Hows the shop going?!" "Hes good, over there, its going faantastic! You're coming to see it ASAP. I'd take you now, buty ou cant leave this silly school!" You smiledd. Then, Lee walked. up. "surprised?" he said with a huge grin. "You KNEW he was here and YOU DIDNT TELL ME!?"you said, chucking a piece of ice at him. "I was sworn to secrecy!" he said, catching it then throwing it back. "jerk" you said. but you grinned. he smiled, and sat down, fred appeared out of nowhere. and pulled up a chair. "Hey there _, long time no see!" you grinned. "fred! i hear buisness is booming?" He laughs, "you have no idea" YOu four all lapse into and easy conversation,, georges hands wrapped firmly around you. you looked up at him and smiled, and he leaned down and kissed you. you kissed him back enthusiasticlly. "OI! no PDA!" says fred slapping the table. George winks at you, and you laugh. you look at lee, and catch his eyes. youre surprised that you feel a twinge of guilt. and is that sadness you see in his eyes? The sounds of georges laugh brings you out of your thoughts. to soon, its time to head back. he walkes you all the way back to the gate, arm in arm. He kisses you long and hard, and passionately. When you finally pull away your hearts racing, head spinning, and you are both breathing hard. "Well!" you say.He grins his mischievious grin. "think that'll last you 2 weeks?" he says. You shrug. "mmm.." you smile. He hugs you "I love you" he says, then kisses you, this time short and sweet. "i love you too" you squeeze his hand, and walk into hogwarts, where Lee is waiting. YOu grin hugely at him. "thanks lee." you say. he smiles. "all georges idea!" he says. You nod your head, and link arms with him. "yeah, but thanks anyways" you two march back to the castle, laughing and joking. and perhaps, both feeling a tiny bit confused.
two weeks zoooooomed bye. you barely had time to miss George, And then you were on the train, you played exploding snap with Lee, laughed, joked and talked. You finally pulled up at the station, YOu two got off, Lee helping you with your trunk. YOu smile and take it from him, loading it onto a trolly. when someone wraps their arms around you from behind. "hey baby" You smile and look over your shoulder. Sure enough, its George. You turn aroundandwrap you arms around his neck, pulling him down and kissing him. He smiles. "Miss me much?!" you laugh. "only a lot." "mee too babe, me too." you wave to the rest of the weasleys, and see your mom stnding with them. you and george walk over. "_
dear! how are you!" Mrs Weasley says enveloping you in a hug. " iwas just talking to your mother! youre going to come stay with us. for a bit over the summer. im pretty sure harry and hermione will be coming" your mom nods, you turn and grin at george. "so i'll see you soon then!" you say. he nods. "well! best be off! Come on, __" your mom say. YOu nod. "oh, one sec" you run over to Lee and his parents. grab his hand and pull him away. then give him a huge hug. "Whats that for?" he says with a smile. "for everything! i couldnt have made it through this year without you!" he laughs. "are you going on to take the NEWTS?" he says. you shrug. "Im not sure. I havent made any plans yet.." he nods.(just so yall remember, he, fred and george are all a year older) "well, i have to get going. write me, okay?" you hug him quickly. you thought you hear him say something as you walked away, but he was already swallowed up by the crowd.


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