Percy Jackson Love Story

name: Katie
Friends: Luke, Percy, grover, Nico, Riley, Thalia, Jason, Leo and Piper
cabin: Hermes
Luke is good in this one

Chapter 1

What!? Who's the new camper?!

I was hanging out with Luke training. He swung the sword and barely missed my arm. I easily dodged the next swing then i heard Percy yell "Hey Luke! Katie! New Camper they are having a meeting in the Big House to decide which cabin she is in." Luke turned and i saw an opening and easily took him down. "No fair" Luke said "Ya it is you should know never to turn your back on your opponent." I told him."You guys coming or what?" Percy asked. I stood up and walked over to Percy. Luke followed close behind. When we got there Chiron said to take a seat and he will bring the new camper in and tell us which cabin she be longs to. I sat next to Percy. When the camper came in i realized who it was. it was my best friend Riley i hadnt seen her since i found out i was a demigod. I jumped up and ran to her "Riley!" I yelled and hugged her "I missed you so much. "I missed you too....So we are both demigods?" she asked "Ya It's great there are some cute guys and i have a great brother." I said pointing to Luke.

"He is so cute whats his name?" She asked. "Luke---" "You two can catch up later right now i need to announce what cabin she belongs in" Chiron said. I sat down with percy on the couch again. "Riley belongs to the Posiden cabin, and this in your brother Percy" Chiron announced pointing to Percy. "Hey Katie?" I heard Percy whisper. "Yes percy?" i replied in a hushed tone "You wanna come over tonight and hang out we could watch movies or something?" Percy asked. Percy always asked this but it had alway been no cuz i was always busy. "Sure, y not sounds fun." I replied. "Great I'll come and get you are around 7." he said "Sounds Great."

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