Better Than Revenge(Naruto Characters Love/Hate Story)

Better Than Revenge(Naruto Characters Love/Hate Story)

I was just listening to Taylor Swift's Better Than Revenge. If you've heard the song then you should know what this story will be about. If you haven't then heres a little description.

You used to go out with Sasuke until Sakura stole him from you. She did it on pourpose. You two have been enemies for years. Now you act mean and annoy Sakura. Still you find love in unusual ways.

The story pic is you.

Chapter 1


I entered the classroom to be greeted by Sasuke. I glarred at him and took my seat in the back. My black skirt ruffled as I sat down on the cold wooden chair. My silver hair stopped at my shoulders. Bangs covered my eyes. I tilted my head down slightly.

Soon I heard Sakura. "Ugh." I said making a disgusted face. She looked up at me and smirked. then kissed Sasuke. I was shoked. She must've known it hurt me to see that. Sakura was just a stupid fan-girl! How could Sasuke dump me for her?

The rest of the class came an hour later. I was actually grateful. It was disgusting hearing Sakura and Sasuke make-out. Next to me the chair creeked. I glarred at whoever it was. My eyes softened when I noticed it was Hinata. "W-Whats wrong, K-Koni?" She stuttered.

I shook my head. "I'm fine." I said. My body language said something different. Hinata could see that. She didn't need her Byakugan for that.Hinata nodded ever so slightly and turned her lavender orbs to Naruto, blushing slightly.

Sakura and Sasuke held hands under the desk. My hand clentched obn nothing as my teeth gritted together. "Why are you so bitter, Ko-Ko?" I rolled my eyes at dog boy's nickname for me. "Nothing, Kiba."

"If your still upset about Sasuke and Sakura theres a way to make him jealous." Kiba said with another one of his cocky grins. I could tell, in those black slit eyes, he had a devious plan.

"Talk." I demanded less interested in the disgusting couple.

Sakura's Pov

I sat in Sasuke's lap as Iruka Sensei sorted us into teams. I sighed and looked up at Sasuke. He smirked the famous Uchiha smirk. It made my heart melt. I gripped onto him. Sasuke wrapped his arm around my waist.

I peeked a look at Koni. Her jaw was set and I could see a small line of blood come from the middle of her clantched hand. I smirked. This should make her go crazy. "Your the best Sasuke." I praised. Sasuke planted a firm kiss on my lips.

Koni's Pov

I relaxed a little as I listened to Kiba.

"You want to annoy Sakura? Get over him. The only reason she's with Sasuke is to annoy you. Lets face it. Your way prettier than her. find someone who deserves you." Kiba spoke. A small smiled krept onto my lips.

"Thanks, Kiba." He smiled showing his fangs. I chuckled and kissed him on the cheek. A light pink rosed on Kiba's face.

"Team Guy : Koni Sonaku, Neji Hyuga, and Rock Lee. Now, all of you will meet your new sensei's after lunch." Iruka Sensei spoke.

Neji. Doesn't sound to bad. I can deal with him. Don't know about Lee though. Seems like a freak. I pushed a strand of white hair out of my face and glanced at Neji. He sat in his seat, arms folded. His face was hard, but his Byakugan lavender eyes said otherwise. Neji is strong. Maybe our team won't be that bad.

I walked out of class holding the strap of my bag across my chest. Sakura and Sasuke stayed in the classroom making out. God I wish I could stop this. I could do what Kiba said. Alot of guys here don't seem that bad. I sighed and walked into an empty room. I puled out my rice ball and ate in peace an quiet. Suddenly, I heard yelling outside.

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