A Nick J Love story part 25

A Nick J Love story part 25

Alright people thanks to twilightchica199526 and twilightroxursoxoff you are getting the next chapter so here it is chapter 25 comment plz

ps-add twilightchica199526 and twilightroxursoxoff kuz they are awesome people

Chapter 1

Chapter 25

FF A COUPLE MONTHS- So we have been on tour for a couple months and me and Nick are still dating.So today we are in some city in Arizona to do a concert. CONCERT TIME-So they had just started the show and I was chilling backstage alone when I heard a high pitched "hey Elizabeth" I was hoping it wasn't who I thought it was.So I turned around and saw standing there none other than Katie.She came up to me and said "so Elizabeth how have you been?" I was trying to figure out 2 things 1.how she got backstage and 2.why she was here.So I said "umm I've been fine,and you" I didnt want to be mean and we talked and then the concert was finally over and the boys came backstage and all 3 of them stopped dead in there tracks when they saw Katie.The first to speak was Nick "uh hi Katie,umm what are you doing here?" she smiled and said "well,I came here to see ya'll,but mostly I came here to talk to you.So can I alone?"So those two went off to talk while I sat there and talked with Joe and Kevin.After awhile I went to look for them cause they had been gone for awhile.So I walked in the direction they walked off in and turned the corner and saw Nick and Katie kissing.I didnt say anything I just walked away and went to the buses and into my bunk and cried.NICKS POINT OF VIEW-After talking to Katie I was walking around to try and find Elizabeth,but I couldnt.So I went to the bus and heard someone crying.So I went back to the bunks and found out it was Elizabeth I went up to her and said "Elizabeth whats wrong" she turned toward me and said..... HAHAHA CLIFFHANGER

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