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Chapter 1


I lay there looking up at the starlit sky. The breeze upon my face, the soft grass beneath me. It was so peaceful. So serene. I sighed. I wished I could stay here forever. This was my place. This was where I'd always go to get away, get away from everything. I closed my eyes. I have to go back sooner or later. Later I decided. It's so nice here. I sat up and looked around me. Not a man-made structure in sight. I smiled and looked up. I wished I'd never have to leave. My eldest sister took me here when I was very little. We used to come here and play all the time. How the hours would fly past. I missed those days. I missed her too. She had died in a terrible car accident when I was 11. It always felt like yesterday. I could feel every emotion I felt that day. I shed a tear. She's gone, and she's probably happy... She wouldn't want to be here... I don't.. I got up and grabbed my things. But I can't help but miss her....
I started my long hike back home. Mom would be furious as always. I didn't care. I deserve my freedom... Freedom... A word I have always found so foreign... My mom was a control freak and a compulsive liar. How I managed to still believe her, I had no idea. I guess it was because I was always hopeful, hopeful that she would change. I looked back at the meadow.
The cool air brought tears to my eyes... Was it the air? I never cryed anymore. I refused to. It was a sign of weakness. I had learnt to just suck it up and get on with my life. Never. I kept walking, and as I walked I thought about the days ahead. Misery and more misery. I heard a rustling. I hardly cared for it, but looking back now, I wish I had.
I walked a little faster for it was starting to get cold, and I had forgotten to bring a jackett. I heard that rustling again. I looked back wearily. Who else would be here? I reasoned with myself, but became a little more cautious. As I continued my accent up the trail, I heard the rustling for a third time. Now I was angry. I was just about to yell out when I turned and ran into his strong, hard chest. I looked up at him startled. I hardly got a glimpse of him when he pinched a nerve in my neck and I blacked out.

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