Princess Of Darkness (Malfoy & Granger)

Princess Of Darkness (Malfoy & Granger)

Ok,this is my next story...i know i haven't finished most of my stories,so those who sent me messages asking me to continue writing about Barbie and Damon Salvatore just wanted to let you know that my next chapter will be up soon.......

Ok,let me know what you think about this story,


Chapter 6

No more Hermione Granger (part 2)

"Well that's such a good answer." He said in a sarcastic tone as he turned his head to face me again. I didn't say anything though. I was back to thinking about everything.

Why am I acting like this? He is an a**hole remember. Argh! ok so my friends think I'm dead, I'm being re-sorted into Slytherin when I get back to Hogwarts and I'm acting friendly towards Malfoy. I'm going crazy! Maybe I should pay a visit to St Mungo's. At least I haven't remembered anything about my past yet. That's a plus. I wonder what Ron and Harry are doing now? I'm supposed to be there with them not here. I let the tears fall silently careful not to let Malfoy notice.

Ron's POV

(A few hours before)

"Boys, Ginny, Can you come and give me a hand with the table and lunch please."

"Coming Mum!" I yelled as we all came in from the garden. We'd been playing Quidditch while we were for Hermione to arrive. She should have been here by now. I thought as I started to set the table with Harry.

"Hey Harry, what time did Mione say she was coming?" I asked as I sat the last fork down on the table. I looked up at Harry and saw that he was thinking back to the letter we had received from her a day or so ago.

"I think she said 12:30-1 o'clock. So she should have been here by now." He said looking towards the clock concerned.

"Yea I was just thinking the same thing." I said worryingly.

"Maybe she's caught up reading or some..." Harry never got to finish his sentence because dad came running in through the door and threw it back with aloud bang.

Mum came flying from the kitchen probably thinking that Fred and George where letting fireworks off in the house again. But when she saw dad home her angry face turn to one of worry.

"Arthur dear what's wrong? What's happened has someone been hurt?"

"Yes in fact someone has. Everyone go upstairs and pack your things we are leaving here in an half an hour. We're needed at the Headquarters immediately Molly."

"Dad, what about Hermione? Does she know." I heard Ginny say as she got up from the chair she had been sitting in.

"Don't worry about that. Everything's been taken care of just go and pack quickly. GO! We don't have much time."

Harry and I looked at each other before running upstairs to pack our trunks. I heard the twins and Ginny coming up behind us.


please comment and rank...i wont continue writing this story if i don't get comments!thanks!xxx

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