Princess Of Darkness (Malfoy & Granger)

Princess Of Darkness (Malfoy & Granger)

Ok,this is my next story...i know i haven't finished most of my stories,so those who sent me messages asking me to continue writing about Barbie and Damon Salvatore just wanted to let you know that my next chapter will be up soon.......

Ok,let me know what you think about this story,


Chapter 3

Telling The News

I saw Snape give me a smile not the awful smiles he gives student at Hogwarts when he knows that they've done something wrong but a real smile.

"Yes she's your mum, you lived with Cassie and Jake, they were in charge of looking after you while your mum and dad hid from the ministry. Taylor is your mum and Tom or as you probably know him as Lord Voldermort is your dad." Snape paused looking at my father looking for the go ahead to keep going before looking back at me.

"You with me so far?" I gave a small nod and looked down at the ground finding it rather interesting all of sudden.

"Well… My lord why don't we talk to her down stairs while we have lunch?" Snape asked.

"I agree, come on sweetie this way." He said looking at me.

I didn't move from where I was and my dad got the hint and nodded his head towards the door. Everyone seemed to have understood and headed out the door.

"I know this is a shock for you I mean I'm not exactly the father type am I? I just want you to know that this isn't some kind of a joke that we're playing to get to Potter. You're our daughter, although you probably don't believe it do you?" he asked as he let go of my mother and went to sit down on the bed. My mum came forward and hugged me.

"And sweetie I just want you to know that I'm not angry at you. I know it's not your fault that you can't remember anything but don't worry we'll soon find out why you can't. But in the mean time let's go down to lunch and we'll explain everything to you."

I simply nodded not really sure I knew what I was doing and followed them down to what I guessed was the dining room.

I waited until they all sat down to see where I was supposed to sit and it just so happened to be next to Malfoy.

I sat down and moved as far as I could away from him before I turned to look who was sitting beside me. It was apparently my father. I had no idea what to do or say so I sat there in silence and listened to what was going on around me.

"Ok well first things first what does everyone want for lunch?" I heard my mother ask.

Everyone said their orders to a house elf that had arrived and they were now looking at me.

"Bear? What would you like?" Lucius asked me after he placed his order.

"Oh nothing I'm not hungry." I heard myself say.

I saw Lucius exchange worried looks with my father.

"Maddie you have to eat and I'm not taking no for an answer."

Sighing I knew I didn't stand a chance of arguing against him so I let him order for me.

"Now as we were saying upstairs, your name's Madison Lee Riddle, we gave you up at the age of five and left you in the care of two of our friends and some of my most loyal followers. With me so far?" he asked. I nodded my head in reply and kept listening to what was being said.

While he had been explaining all of this the house elves had arrived with the food and left. Everyone started eating but I really didn't feel like eating so I started to pick at it.

"We had to give you up because the ministry was raiding every house in the wizardry world looking for me and your mother. Someone had tipped them off about you and they had been searching everywhere trying to find you and take you from us. The ministry was scared that when I died that you would take over and carry out what I had been doing. Which is totally wrong. I would rather be killed a thousand times by Harry Potter than have you take over my work." He explained with a look of pure dread on his face.

"Anyway we knew that we didn't have a choice we wanted you safe and that was the only way. Once you started Hogwarts though we had to make sure that no one found out who you really were. So while you were at Hogwarts I arranged Severus to watch over you. But we had a few problems along the way, you see Dumbledore wasn't fooled by the charms that were placed on you so he found out who you were." I looked up at him as he paused and noticed he was looking at me weirdly.

"What's wrong?" I asked I couldn't figure out why he was looking at me like that and it was starting to unnerve me.

"I just thought of something that's all." He looked from me to Snape and I saw Snape give him an understanding look.

I was looking at my half finished lunch I was wondering what sorts of charms they had placed on me and I wasn't sure if I should ask I didn't want to get into trouble so I didn't say anything.

"Master?" a small voice said from beside him. I looked over and saw a different house elf there.

"Yes Misty?"

"Someone is here to see you sir, Misty told them that you did not want to be disturbed but he said it was important sir."

"Who is it Misty?"

"It is Mcnair sir. Should Misty let him in sir?"

"Yes Misty let him in."

"Now where was I? Oh yes Maddie have you ever been with Dumbledore alone?" He asked me. The question it's self took me by surprise.


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