My Poem Book....

People say Im good at writing poems & I get stuff in my mind so when I do I'll might put it in this book.....
Comment PLZ!!!!!!!

Chapter 1

My Enemy, Love

by: Jay110
People always make a big deal of it.
I promised myself I wouln't fall into the trap.
Though I knew I couldnt.
It wasnt even a choice.
I tried to fight it.
But I lost.
Now Im in the bitter-sweet trap.
A game really.
Not one I wanted to play.
Is it even love?
Do I know?
Do I even care?
Am I too scared to admit,
If its true or not?
I need some.
I think to myself,
What the heck is the matter with you.
All these unwanted thoughts,
Unexplained emotions,
I want him dead.
The person whos smile is my joy,
The one who set my heart in motion,
The one that my thoughts are always on,
The one who accepts me for myself.
He just might pay for that.
Not for me.
I realize,
For a long time.
Is it me,
Or does this sound dangerous.
January 23, 2011

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