She said never...I said forever

She said never...I said forever

hey guys!
ok, this story is written in a guy's point of view, weird right?:DD
lol, my friend gave an idea for this when he was talking about his girlfriend, i thought it might be interesting...
anyways, please comment and tell me what did u think and should I keep writing really means a lot to me when u say what u think of my stories:)
so, enjoy! :D

Chapter 2

Stay with me

I opened a bag of chips. "Want some?" I muttered with my mouth full of pieces of potato chips. She looked at me with a look on her face that made me laugh. "Please keep your mouth closed while something is in it, will you?" she said and giggled, taking some from the bag.
"So...What are you doing tonight?"she asked me, still concentrated on the road. "Not much...maybe playing some video" she stayed quiet for couple of seconds but then said "My parents are going on a meeting. So that they can...agree over the stuff." She said trying not to brake, but her hands started shivering and I noticed it.
Her parents were divorcing and she didn't take it good. She didn't have a brother or a sister, no one who could truly understand what she's going trough. I took her free hand with mine and squeezed it tightly. She gasped and looked at me , and I could see a tear in her eye, but she quickly looked back to the road.
"Why don't you come to my place? Ian wont get home till 2 am at least, and my parents are on that trip..." "My mom won't let me...will you stay at my house tonight? Please?" she almost started to cry. "Sure. Let's just stop at my place so I can grab some stuff. It'll just take a minute..." "Yeah..."
I could hear Ali breathing faster and heavier, like she didn't have any air. I looked at her, putting my arm around her shoulders. She kept a blank face and louder the radio so I couldn't hear her painful breathings. But I could tell her lungs kept hurting and I saw her hand go to the place that ached.
Before I could say anything she spoke with a hard voice "We're here." and her car stopped infront of my house.

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