She said never...I said forever

She said never...I said forever

hey guys!
ok, this story is written in a guy's point of view, weird right?:DD
lol, my friend gave an idea for this when he was talking about his girlfriend, i thought it might be interesting...
anyways, please comment and tell me what did u think and should I keep writing really means a lot to me when u say what u think of my stories:)
so, enjoy! :D

Chapter 1


I couldn't stop looking at her. She's so beautiful...her eyes, her smile, her lips...
"Nick! Nick! Are you even listening to me?" she kicked me on the shoulder but smiled. She couldn't get mad at me, and I took advantage of that when ever I could.
"Ofcourse I was, Ali.. .You were talking about penguins and your aunt Marrie." I said keeping a straight face. "Haha,Nick, very funny." she said putting her books into her locker but couldn't help but laugh. I leaned on the wall and looked at her, at her movements..."What are you looking at? Do I have something on my face?" she asked checking her self in a mirror. How many of those does she have?? Girls... "No... It's perfect." I said and felt blood coming to my face. "Let's go, your mom will be mad if you get late." I said putting my arm over her shoulder and we walked to the parking lot, where her car was.
"Where's your motorcycle?" she asked me opening the car's door. "Ian took it, so ur gonna be my ride tonight." I said smiling. Ian was my brother, and even though I hated him most of the time, I like him right now. Thanks to him, I'm gonna be with Alice an hour more.
I sat on the passenger's seat and turned the radio, there was a good rock song. She just rolled her eyes and started the car. This is going to be fun!

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