Edward Cullen's Sister, Jasper Hale's true love, and Emmett Cullen's lover.

Edward Cullen's Sister, Jasper Hale's true love, and Emmett Cullen's lover.

Cairistona Mason is a 17 year old girl. But she is a vampire and her real age is 109 years old. When she was younger she was twin of Edward Cullen, but she "died" when she was 17 years old. When she was about 80 years old she ran into Jasper and dated him or about ten years until he "died" and then she dated Emmett for ten years, until he "died", after that, she went to the Volturi and became one of their guards for nine years until she went back to Washington and found Edward....

Chapter 1


(she looks kind of like this)
As I was getting gas for my Volvo, I saw a bronze haired guy walk up to me. I didn't know what to do but smile at him.
"Hello there." He said in a sweet voice.
"Hello." I answered him.
"I think I know you." He asked wide eyed. His eyes were a topaz but soft. He had bronze hair just like me, and he looked like my long lost brother Edward Mason.
"Well, my name is Edward Cullen."
"Hello Edward, my name is Cairistona Mason." His eyes went wide.
"Cairistona. I think you might remember me better as Edward Mason." My topaz eyes went wide.
"Edward? Is that really you?"
"Yes sister it is." He was standing right next to me and I hugged him.
"Oh Edward! I missed you!"
"Cairistona, I thought you died."
"Well, I have to tell you something. I am dead, but I'm a vampire."
"Me too." I looked up at him puzzled.
"Who changed you?" He asked.
"This guy. I really don't remember his name. But anyways, who changed you?"
"Hey, that was the same guy that changed me!"
I finally get to see my long lost twin I thought. Edward chuckled.
"Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you, I can read minds."
"No wonder why you chuckled."
"Hey, why don't you meet my family? Don't you need a home?"
"Yeah. I just got out of the Volturi."
"But how is your eyes topaz?"
"Once I became a vampire, Carlisle was teaching me not to drink human blood. So I wanted animal blood for a change. Once in the Volturi, I told Aro to give me animal blood because I didn't like human blood that much. So he said yes and yeah. I live on animal blood."
"Oh. But do you want to meet my family?"
"Of corse! I would love to see Carlisle again. I missed him so much!"
"Follow me then."
"Ok. But what car do you drive?"
"The same as you."
"Nice." He ran back to his car and I got in my. I was looking for a shiny gray Volvo. He pulled out waving to me. I followed him to his house listing to some music. Once at the house, I got out of my car and ran to Edward.
"Welcome home Cairistona."
"Thanks." He wrapped his arm around my waist and brought me inside.
"Carlisle!" I shouted.
"Guess who?" I could hear him running down the stairs.
"Cairistona! It's been too long."
"Yes it has."
"I'm glade you haven't had any human blood."
"Yes. I've been only drinking animal blood."
"Well, I see you've met Edward."
"Yes. We are long lost twins."
"Edward, you've never told me about Cairistona being your twin." Carlisle look at him.
"Well, when we were human, we were twins. But she "died" at the age 17, and so did I."
"I see."
"Yes." By this time we where in the living room were the rest of the family was.
"This is my family. Renesmee, Bella, Esme, Emmett, Jasper, Rosalie, and Alice."
"NIce to meet you all."
"Yes it's nice to meet you too Cairistona."
"Cairistona?" Emmett said looking at me. Then the flash back was happening.
"Oh Emmett, I love you." I said looking into brown eyes. "I love you too Cairistona." He said. Then he kissed me on the lips.
"But Emmett, I thought you died."
"Emmett, what is happening?" Rosalie asked.
"I used to date Cairistona when I was human. But then I broke up with her, and well yeah."
"Oh no." Edward said.
"Rose is VERY mad at you."
"Cuz Emmett never really told her bout this."
"Cairistona?" I heard Jasper's voice.
"Jasper Whitlock?" I heard Jasper chuckle in the background.
"I guess you remember me too."
"Jasper, why?" "Because I have too." "But." "Don't worry, you will all ways be in my heart." Then he left me.
"Hold up, How do you know Jasper and Emmett?" Bella asked.
"Because when I was younger, I used to date both of them at different times of my life."

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