The Man Who Can't Be Moved

This story is based off of The Script's:Man who can't be moved. All right's of the song go to them. I don't own the song or any of the lyrics.
I basically LOVE this song and the Script and I thought that it would be a fun "rendition" if I wrote sort of a "back story" to the song. The girl doesn't have a name. I just left a blank so feel free to add your own name in while you're reading. The guy's name is Daniel b/c the Script's lead singers name is Daniel. Leave comments, rate, etc. ENJOY:D

Chapter 1

Turtle Pond

You know the story right? Guy sees girl. Girl sees guy. Both fall head over heels for each other. They fight, makeup and get back together. Then they kiss, get married and live happily ever after right? Wrong. At least for me. Here, I think it would just be easier if I start from the beginning.
-People rushing, taxis honking, street vendors yelling. That's what I call a normal day here in New York City. I'm on my way to Central Park to block this sound all out. Wierd right? You'd expect a park in the middle of a huge city to be as loud as can be but yet it's not. I walk about 5 blocks from the corner of W. 55th St. and 6th Ave. to go sit in my favorite spot. It's a bit of a walk but it's worth it to get some relaxation in this place. I walk to my favorite bench near Turtle Pond and sit down. I set my briefcase down in my lap and close my eyes. Flashback "Dad! Let's sit over here!" a small boy about 10 yrs old says to his father while pulling on his hand to the park bench. "Alright. Alright." His father says laughing while following the boy. They sit down. "Ahhh. I'm tired. This is a perfect place to relax. Thanks for suggesting it Danny." "You're welcome Dad." "Ya know Dan? I know this is a little out of the blue but you're growing up to be a great man. and one day you'll be a great father. I just know it." "Thanks dad. But why are you telling me this?" "Well son... I didn't want to tell you but..." tears began to fall from the father's eyes as he continues,"I've been diagnosed with cancer. I'm sorry I didn't tell you earlier but, I'm not going to be here much longer." Danny's heart sank. "But dad. You're the strongest guy I know. You... You just can't leave me and mom! This isn't fair!" "I'm sorry bud. I... I know. But promise me one thing." "Okay...." by now Danny couldn't stop crying. "From now on I want you to come here and remember me by the way I am now. Not the man who is going to be in pain later. It'll be too hard for me to have you see me that way. I know you will but make me proud Daniel. Take care of your mother for me and that one special girl in your future. Don't give up." End of FB It's been 15 years since then. My dad passed away two days after my eleventh birthday.
Ever since then, I come here after a long day at work.
I open my eyes and look around at the tall trees, a mother duck and her ducklings swimming in the pond, and little flowers lightly blowing in the wind. I sit there in total relaxation when I hear someone walking towards me. I look over and I have to admit... This girl is beautiful. Cliche and a bit creepy, i know. But hey, you can't blame me, this girl looks like a goddess.
"Is it alright if I sit next to you?" "Oh.. uhm. yeah sure...sure!" I replied nervously. She smiled at me as she sat down.
"Peaceful here isn't it?" She asked as she looked out at the ducks swimming around in the pond. "Yeah. I love it here." "I've actually been coming out here since I was little." She says looking at me. "Huh. That's pretty ironic. I've actually been coming out here since I was ten or so. Suprised I haven't seen you before." "Different times, I guess." She says as she looks back out at the pond. It gets quiet but it's a comfortable kind of quiet.
She breaks the silence after a couple of minutes and says, "My name's ___ , by the way." "Daniel." I replied as I smile at her and shake her hand. We sit there for about another 15 minutes. She looks down at her watch and tells me,"Oh wow. It's 6:30 already? I'm really sorry but I've got to get home." "Oh, no it's fine. I'm sure that we'll meet here again soon." Daniel says kinda disappointed. "How about tommorow? I mean it's Saturday and I don't have much planned. How about noon? There's some really good hotdogs around the corner where we can grab a bite to eat." I smile at her, "Sounds good to me! Noon then?" "Yeah noon." She agrees. "I'll see you later _ ." I grinned while waving a short wave. "See you tommorow Daniel." She reassures me as she walks away. We both head our seperate ways, back into the noisyness of the city and waiting for what tommorow will bring.

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