Cant Be Changed

Okay well anyways I like writing an its holidays so yey me :D
And I like to escape everything so yush writing seems like a good way to go.
This is Seth Clearwater love story :D
Ill probably update all the other stories today too :L
And Yes I was listening to Cant Be Tamed when naming this :D
Tehehehehe leave me alone it ws on TV I still think shes a whore :D

Chapter 1

Im only fifteen?

I dont know much about my mother passed away when I was four, my father fell into a deep depression at the same age and eventually commited suicide when I was seven. I had to raise myself and my father from four to seven years old. I have no siblings, that I know of. I used to live in Las Vegas, not a good place for a young child right?
Well lets say that from seven I was basically a roamer, got to go anywhere within my small walking distance. Eventually at the age of ten I was put into a foster house, I didnt like it and I was passed around from house to house like a piece of unwanted luggage, I never got close to anyone because both my parents had passed away at a young ag and when youre wandering the streets at the age of seven to the age of ten, yeah I was a pretty strong kid but hey theres some things I cant rase from my memory, like the fact that I was abused when I was eight and again when I was nine. Pretty hard right?
When I was fourteen I was sent to a place named Forks in Washington, my best friend? Bree Tanner, we were like sisters. She had run away and I never seen her again. Pretty hard stuff right. I shut out the whole world then, it seems like evryone I got close to died, well Ill tell you one thing I think it would be right if I wasnt moved from Forks to La Push.

I sat at the table looking out at the beach. Ever since I moved to La Push pretty wierd stuff had been happening, Bear sightings, you name it. My foster parents Sam Ulley and Emily Young always had people over and MAN THEY COULD EAT! It started out with just me, Sam and Emily then another guy Paul came along, then Jarred, then this guy Jacob, then some guy named Embry, then Quil. They could all pass as brothers.
"Emerald?" Emily asked.
"Yeah?" I asked looking up at her.
"Youre probably wondering why we have so many guys at our house?" She asked.
"Umm I think I have an idea.." I giggled.
"Whats that?" Emily asked.
"You and Sam own a mae strip club." I giggled hysterically.
"EMERALD! WHY DO YOU THINK THAT!" She raised her voice.
"Okay well, theyre always here. They have good bodies and well they walk around shirtless, teres no other explaination!" I stated.
"Ummm Emerald. Why would WE own a strip club!?" She asked.
"I dont know, you tell me?" I giggled.
"Okay Emerald we dont own a strip club!" She said slightly annoyed.
"I still think you do." I flashed an innocent smile at her.
"I do-" She started but she got interupted by Sam.
"Exactly what I mean." I flashed a smile at her nd followed her out of the door. I followed her ll the way down the stairs to the dinning room, Sam was dreading something.
"Whats up?" Emily asked.
"Its bad..." He hesitated. He looked past Emily to me.
"Okay I get it, Im gone." I smiled.
We hd told everyone I was Sams little sister. I fit the part well. I had dark brown hair, tan skin, hazel eyes and a slim figure. I was considered pretty and hot everywhere I went and Im only fifteen.
I walked outside and along the path towards the beach, I heard yells and turned around to see where it was coming from. I couldnt seebut I looked towards the trees and thats were the yells were coming from. I ran into the trees and there was a giant wolf.. and Bree?
"Bree?!" I yelled, she was the one making the screams, the wolf was grey in colour. It looked very angry and I took a step towards them.
"Emerald?" She said.
She didnt look at me but I knew she had changed she had pale skin and looked so different. I stepped closer to the pair.
"Emerald runand dont look back." She looked at me for one moment and her eyes were near black with a hint of gold. Her voice sounded as though she was in pain.
I ran without looking back and ran smack bang into one of the guys that visited Sams house regurlaly. I fell on the floor and started crying.
"Im sorry, I didnt mean it?" He questioned, probably because he thought hed hurt me.
"N...o its okay.." I said bravely.
"Are you sure I didnt hurt you did I?" He asked and I shook my head.
"Okay Emerald right?" He asked holding out his hand.
"Mhmm." I nodded and got up by myself.
"Why are you crying?" He asked.
"I think.... I seen my best friend?" I said shyly.
"Wos your best friend?" He asked.
"Her names Bree. I dont know but she said that I cant see her again, and and and there was a giant... Wolf? I know this sounds crazy but its true." I said.
"Yeah I believe you, what colour was this wolf?" He asked.
"Like a grey?" I asked.
"Um okay... pa......" He said.
"What did you say?" I asked.
"I said umm okay, why?" He asked.
"No reason, umm whats your name?" I asked forgetting I didnt know his name until now.
"Jacob.. Jacob Black." He said smiling.
"Umm I know this wierd but want to come to the beach with me?" I asked.
"Sure." He flashed a smile at me.
"Awesome." I smiled back.
IWe walked side by side. He was only 17 maximum. He was hot too. I know that Sam wouldnt aprove of me with him but ohwells!
"So you Sam's sister?" He asked.
"Yup." I giggled.
"Whats so funny?" He asked.
"Im not really Sam's sister its easier to say I am but hesreally my foster... father?" I laughed at the thought of Sam being my father.
"Ahkay." He laughed like he already knew that.
"Yup." We walked in silence for a bit.
"So you know Sam has a real sister about your age, his parents had passed away when he was already mved away, he moved away when the child was born. He was only seven." Jacob said.
"What were his parents names?" I asked him.
"Alex and Clover." He said.
"Huh, thats wierd.." I said.
"What?" He asked.
"Alex is..was my dads name and Clover was my mums name." I said.
"I think you two should go get DNA tests." He said.
"Yeah same." I agreed.
We walked to the beach and we were hanging and we heard a wolf howl.
"Go home Emerald, I have to go." He said sternly.
"Okay." I said I got up and walked back to Sams house. Thinking about we he had said abou Sams parents.

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