Stolen and Abused {my friend wanted to write a story} intro please

hey people this is her friend who will not be named. i had an idea for a story which i wanted to write. i dont like twilight and its not about anyone famous. its about a beautiful indian girl stolen from her village. you should be least 13 to read this its violent and innapropriate. however you spell it. enjoy people :) and this is my first story so cut me some slack.

the girl

Chapter 1

you will never leave EVER!!!!

by: LilMags
Hello my name is Fakeehah {fa like baa from a sheep.kee like key.hah like a like awesome} from the Muskogee {musk like well musk o like oww im telling. gee like he} tribe. I am pre-engaged with the most amazing man named Amarsi from the Chotcatawa tribe {dont want to write what they say}. My tribe is doing well and so is Amarsi. My life was perfect until one day. Both of our tribes along with two others were attacked.they took people including me.i remember holding Amarsi's hand as i tripped. he tried to pull me back up but some man hit him in the back of his head. i remember screaming Amarsi's name as they dragged me away from him. they put me in a big thing it was huge and had 4 circle things on the floor not knowing what it was called. {its a van just if you dont know.}they pushed me in as i cursed and screamed in indian. "SHUT UP" the man yelled. i noticed they speaked english good thing i did too. "why did you take me from my family." in my heavy indian accent. "reasons lets just say we need some money." "what you going to do to me." i noticed they put more girls in the van. "youll find out."after 7 girls they locked the doors and two men climbed in. "do they speak english." "lets see WHO SPEAK ENGLISH HERE." all the girls were confused. "im the only one" i told them. "tell them they better shut up not say a word til we are there." instead of saying that exactly in indian i said "the big stupid men that kidnapped us said we can not speak until we arrive where ever we are going." they giggled when i said big stupid men. "WHAT THE HELL YOU TELL THEM." "the big stupid men that kidnapped us said we can not speak until we arrive where ever we are going." the man turned around i got a good glimpse of his face.he had the biggest scar starting from under his right eye going straight down until goes below his lip then goes to the left until it ends at the other side of his lip then goes down ending at the bottom of his chin. he was buff and tan. he had messy black hair tossed to the right. his eyes filled with anger. when he saw what i looked like he started in amazment "damn mikey you got a hot one." "i know huh redge." "mikey redge you guys have some wierd names." "whats yours" mikey said looking his eyes on the road. "fakeehah from the moskogee tribe." they laughed. redge said "yeah and we have wierd names." they laughed again. "whatever when will we leave." they laughed a scary laugh i will never forget and mikey spoke the words that changed my life forever. "cant you see you will never leave EVER!!!!"

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