Son of a witch (a Draco Malfoy love story) part 2

Mmmkay so this is part 2.... Rememember that the Malfoys just left Elizabeth and Draco alone in a room..... So here it goes!!! Hope ya like it!!!
---:D Emma

Chapter 1

Alone with Draco

I stared at Draco, unable to stop looking at his beautiful, icy blue eyes, and his hair, the exact same golden blonde as mine. "if I had known... I mean, I probably would have stayed every summer if I had known... I mean... You're kinda hot." I have to admit, he was hot too. I wish that he HAD stayed every summer! " sorry, I know that was a little bit of an odd thing to say... Here, let me show you your room." he said, obviously embarrassed by his observations. Now you probably haven't guessed by now, but I REALLY like boys. REALLY as in ALOT. and I knew just how to drive him crazy.
~that night, just before dinner~
I was searching through my bags, trying to find the right thing to wear... One of the many things I was going to do to make Draco insane. Then, I saw it. The perfect thing to wear to dinner tonight.
"pass the salad please!" I said in a smug tone. Draco could not stop staring. I had finally decided on a dangerously low in the front (with a push up bra... How do ya like them apples Malfoy!) black mini dress, that had a very low bback, andwas very very short in length. I smothered a laugh and settled on a smug grin as Draco brought a spoon of soup up to his mouth and missed, spilling soup all over him.
~walking down the hall after dinner~
"come to my room later tonight." Draco whispered in my ear, wiping the grin off of my face.....
TBC after I get some comments/ more readers purdy pleeeaase
---Emma :D


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