Love... I Just Can't Understand It...

Chapter 1

The Last Time I Saw Him

Amanda's point of view, Amanda's bedroom

"Girl, what are you thinking about?" Tori waves her fingers in front of my head. I snap to attention.
"What?" I had been dreaming about Josh again, wasn't I? Ugh! I have to stop myself!
"What were you thinking about?"
"Umm, nothing, nothing at all!" I couldn't tell Tori I had once again fallen for Josh, because of all the rude things he had written about her on Facebook. I couldn't tell anyone, for that matter.
"Mandy, I know when you're lying. What were you thinking about? Zach?" Tori didn't know how much she had guessed wrongly. I still had to blush at Zach's name. Most of my friends thought I liked him, and I guess I did, a little, but Josh was better, even though I hadn't seen him in years. Zach and Josh were like black and white. Zach was a goody goody, Josh was a bad boy, Zach had straight, fair blonde hair and sea blue eyes, Josh had curly, brown hair and deep dark brown eyes. Really, the two of them couldn't be more different.
"Yeah" I lie to her again, but this time, she believes me.
"Don't worry, Mandy, we'll get you two together"
"No!" I blurted before I could stop myself.
"Don't you want that?" Tori was very confused. I blush.
"Well, yes of course, but let us get together, k?" I knew there was no chance of this happening.
"Oh! Yes, you are taking the let this run it's course route, aren't ya?"
"Well, I gotta go, my mum's gonna get made if I'm not back by dinner!" Tori picks up her bookbag and science books we had been studying for a test from and left. I sit in the silence of my room, dreaming once again about Josh. The last time I had seen him was in 5th grade. He told me he was moving, hugged me, turned around and left. I play the scene over and over in my head. There had to be a way to see him again. But what? I let out a huff and blow some hair from my face, and blast my MP3 player. But unfortunately, the song on was, "Silly Love Song" by Wings, and I just can't take anymore love right now, so I flip it off. I open my laptop and search, "how to contact someone you love" on bing. Most of the search results were anyomous love letters. Yeah, right, like I could ever pull that off. Wait, no I could pull that off! Yes! A plan forms in my head. I smile an evil smile. Then I frown, knowing I don't have the guts to pull such a stunt off. I mean, what if someone finds out? I can't even start to think about the prospect. I grab my cell and text Tyler, one of my really good friends. We have known each other since 1st grade. He is one of the only people I know that is taller than me. I mean, 5 ft 5 in 7th grade? Not many people.

Hey, Tyler!
Hey, Amanda, what science answer do you want now?
No science, just a question.
Hit me.
Well, I was just thinking about Josh, do you know where he lives these days?
Yeah, why?
Cuz he was a good friend of mine, kinda, and I would love to see him again.
He's coming to the spring fling.
He is?
Yeah, to see old friends.
You weren't a good friend of his, Mandy.
Yeah I was!
Of course!
Fine, don't believe me.

Tyler ends the convo, and he seems to be mad. What did I do? I ask him a single harmless question and he needs a full explanation! What happened to the fun, oblivious Tyler I used to know? Ugh, whateve. I don't need more boy troubles. But wait, ahh!!! I steam with excitment. Josh is coming to the spring fling, which is only 2 weeks away!!! This is totally fricking awesome!!! But what the heck am I supposed to wear? I can't just go in my normal stuff, not with Josh around. I need something stunning, something different, something like... my eyes fall on my closet. I strutt over to it and fling the door open. That! My eyes dance on an amazing strapless black dress. Where did that come from? It still has the tag on...hmm. I know I don't own this. I spot a piece of paper dangling from a ribbon. It reads:

Here is a dress for your spring fling. Hope you like!

Omg! I can't believe Dad actually bought me this! I hardly ever see him, and now he goes and does this amazing thing! I love it! I hug the dress and immediately slip it on. It fits perfectly, and I don't mean to be arrogant, but I look stunning. Really, truly stunning. The dress perfectly accents my long, lean, tan legs. Josh is totally gonna fall for me.

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