My Nightmarish Reality (A Cirque du Freak Story)

My Nightmarish Reality (A Cirque du Freak Story)

Hi! My name is Alexis Jones. I have purplish black hair that is super long because I refuse to cut it, and deep forest green eyes. My life has always been anything but normal. But when one of my friends invites me to a mystical circus, I start to wonder who that mysterious boy is, and why am I so obsessed about it?

Thanks for reading this! It's my first story and comments are welcome. It also might help the outcome of the story... :)

Chapter 1

The Beginning

by: Lady_Six
I was out watching a movie with my friends. They all had wanted to see the new movie, "Rose Dam", a story about a girl and a boy's fight to be together, sending each other secret messages with roses. It was pretty confusing at first, but once you got into it, it was SUPER intense. My friend Sarah was OBSESSED about it, and so even if we didn't want to see it, we were going to anyway. Though I actually didn't want to see it. As great as everyone said it was, (which everyone said it was great, even the people who said this was going to be the stupidest movie ever thought this was the best movie ever) I just didn't want to go. One of my guy friends, Carter, who had a huge crush on me, and I had the same feelings back, had invited me, out of all his guy friends, to see this weird circus in town. He showed me the flyer and told me all how creepy and weird it would be, and that just made me so excited! I quickly accepted the invitation to see it. He told me if I could get $50 I could go, which he knew I did.
My parents were small movie stars, and had a 6x more the amount to support our family. My parents always would encourage me to, "Go out and explore the world, and spend some money while you're at. We've got plenty so use it!" It was something all parents would say the opposite of, but secretly, I could tell they just wanted me out of the house, so they could be alone and live without having to be a "good role models" which they weren't really anyway.
All through the movie all I could think about was about the next night, when Carter and I would see that awesome circus, Cirque du Freak.

I lied to my parents, telling them Sarah and I were going out window shopping, when really, I was with Carter outside the new theatre, to see the Cirque. As we went inside, we were stopped by a tall man. By tall I mean TALL, like 9 foot 11! It was amazing!
After standing there for a minute, the man finally broke the ice. "Excuse me children, are you lost?"
I was confused. We were 14, now teenagers, not children.
"Oh I know you are not children, Alexis, but since this is a 21 and older show, you are considered children." The man said. "Allow me to introduce myself. I am Mr. Tall."
We just stood there, mesmerized by the fact he knew my name.
"Ummm, sir? How do you know my name?" I asked.
"I know many things, Alexis. I know that you hate, and are completely embarrassed by your parents, and Carter has, despite what everyone thinks, an unhappy family full of anger and despair, and that both of you have a deep infatuation for the other."
With that, we were both deeply blushing, and, despite everything that was said, were sort of happy that the other person knew we both liked each other.
"Now that we have cleared that up, I must tell you that we do not let children watch this show." Mr. Tall told us.
"What?!" Carter practically yelled. "But we've already paid for it and everything!"
"I know sir, but we do not allow children into this show."
"C'mon! Seriously?" Carter whined.
"Seriously." Mr. Tall confirmed.
We both started to slowly walk towards the door, wearing our disappointed faces, hanging our heads in sadness. I don't know what made him do this, if it was his conscious, or look on our faces, or if it was him just messing with us, deciding that we had had enough, but he told us to come back.
"I have had a change of mind. You may see this show under one condition," he said as our faces lighted up. "You must stay the entire time, no excuses."
We smiled and said, "Yes sir!" delighted at the thought of seeing the creepy surprises that lay in store for us.
Little did I know that what was going to happen during the show, was really going to change my life.

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