Strawberry Fields Forever ♥

Just read the story.

P.S. Its weird and it is from the point of view of an unstable psycho teenage girl.

Chapter 1

Strawberry Fields

~Let me take you down...'cause I'm going to Strawberry Fields...Nothing is real....Nothing to get hung about! Strawberry Fields Forever!~

Then there were some screams from my mom. No, no, not screams of pain, more like screams of anguish...oh and then some loud banging and shattering noises, like someone chucked my mom's most beloved china set into the brick wall...Oh yes that was the plate, maybe a cup? "Dang," I thought, "those screams deserve a 10 for sure!"

"Get away from me! Arrrgghhh!!!! I'll call the cops! I ain't playing around today! Nooo!" screamed my mother. Crash! "Dont make me-"

"Shut the hel-"

And then there is me while all of this is happening.

It was a lovely Thursday night, and I was sitting at my junk piled desk. Just being perfectly calm and all, staring at some words in a book with a smug expression on my face.

Just sitting in my grey cluttered room, looking as happy as could be when one is reading. With my door closed. And towels shoved under the door in case he came by my room. And my iPod earphones shoving so far into my ears it hurt.

I sat there entranced by the lyrics of "Strawberry Fields Forever" by the Beatles and the three words I stared at on the yellow page of the book.

Make things better I am trying to make things better Please, stop! I am trying to make things better

I wasn't even reading those three words. I was just staring at them. Not taking in the meaning what so ever.

~Living is easy with eyes closed...Misunderstanding all you see...It's getting hard to be someone...But it all works out...It doesn't matter much to me!!~

Dang. I wanna go to Strawberry Fields! I wanna live with my eyes closed...But I can't...because I already am.

And then I actually felt emotion! I felt emotion for the first time in years!

I was scared and shocked. I was engulfed in realization.

"I can't do it anymore," I thought.

"I can't freaking do it anymore!" I yelled. And then the next things you know is that I was laughing hysterically. Oh yes, I was now beyond crazy. I was..I don't know.

So I did something I have never done before. I walked over to my small mirror and looked at myself and cried. I needed to see how ugly I looked when I cried, so I checked.

But only tears rolled down my cheeks, and I didn't start gasping and coughing and all of that other ridiculous stuff normal people do when they cry. Nope, I was half normal looking! Check!

So I looked myself in the eye, and stared into my deep emerald irises. And I examined my hair...Frizzy and un-straightened as usual. Ugly, but what did I care? And my lips, the same soft pink they always were. But my lips had something different about them...they were always pulled tight across my face and I looked as if I were smiling in a way even when I didn't try. Thats just how they were. My brows thick, too thick for my own good, but they were neat and plucked. My hair dark brown, like mahogany wood. Then there is my nose, a bit big for the rest of my face, but reasonable. And then I looked back into my eyes.

"Eris, get a hold of your self," said me.

"Ha! I think not! I will never come out from behind my wall, my mask," said the girl in the mirror, cruelly.

So I got angry and punched the mirror. It shattered, and I stared at my distorted face below me. Ha! I am free!

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