Running From Everything

Kendra Hillz grew up in a household where her dad would abuse her. When she was fifteen, she ran away, leaving her sister in the hands of her dad. It was while she was on the run that she met her future boss, where she has worked for ever since. But when she finds out her dad wants to find her after 10 years, she's afraid.This is her story.
(P.s I am rewriting parts of this, so if you have read it before, please re-read it! Thanks!)
I hope you enjoy the story ;)
~Sally Bianca Charlie Jones

Chapter 1



When I woke up this morning, I didn't know everything was going to change.
I didn't know everything I had worked so hard for was going to come to an erupt and crumbling end.

Everything seemed so normal.

I should probably give you some back ground on myself. This will make so much more sense.

My name is Kendra Hillz. I was physically and verbally abused at the hands of the man I'm supposed to call father. I have a older sister named Heather. She was never abused, but stood up for me when ever she could.

When i was 15, I ran away. I couldn't handle the abuse any longer. I had been walking aimleslessy for a few weeks when I ran into a man who took me in, seeing that I had nothing with me at all to survive on my own.

He's like the father i have always dreamed of. His name is Jerry Slater. I work for him, and what i do is give advice to people in the local newspaper.

I dont have my name published or take credit for the advoce because im scared that my real 'father' will find me.

I have always hoped my sister Heather will find me, but with each passing year, my hopes dwindle.

But a girl can only hope right?

I hurried into the building, as I was late. Traffic was horrible and slow. Again.

I glanced up and saw Aaron, he proof reads my writing, looking at me. Blushing, I ducked my head and entered my quiet office. It bugs me that i cant play music loudly in my office so i settle for listening to my ipod.

Humming to Here Comes The Hot-stepper, a letter was shoved under my office door.

I grabbed it and slowly read it.

The words it held, scared me more than i thought possible.

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