Chapter 1


by: Moco
I could'nt go, mom knew that. But dad had never knew the secret we kept.
Europe would find us more easily, and kill us both. Personally, I was born into trouble. And I only knew one way to escape it. . .

I knew I had to tell my friend Violet someday that I'd be moving to Italy, but I knew I'd hurt her badly. And I could inflict on her dying with me.
The moment that brought me here, lying beside my dog, Snowball, in a field behind the small community in the dab middle of Texas. The reason mom came for peace and hope, a family. It washed away, now Dad (Who's in the military) has been told to bring him and his family to an American base in Italy for his new job in the Army. I've never liked leaders, they just stepped on you like bugs, not caring at all.

If they made us do anything before we'd left, who knows what I'd become. . .
This was good for me and mother. Peace.

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