Love Like This a Jacob Black Love Story

Love Like This a Jacob Black Love Story

This is my fourth story on Quibblo :)

Dsiclaimer: This story belongs to me, Ivana, and not Quibblo! (I'm getting tired of saying this, maybe I won't anymore)

Some people want me to continue this story, but I'm not so sure..... So enjoy what's already written, lol.

Chapter 3

Beach Party

by: MrsRadke
Jake waited for me as I went up to my room to change, I found this really cute lacey halter and orange booty shorts. And of course, I had to accesorise with my white belt and braided hippie headband. I just decided to put my hair in a black clip, but it still hung halfway down my back anyways. I quickly put on my makeup and jetted down the stairs.
"I'm ready." I exclaimed. Jacob just stood staring at me for a minute. "You okay?" I asked him placing one of my hands on my hip. "Yeah, I'm fine it's just..... you look...... wow." he said laughing slightly. I laughed too at his loss of words, "thank you." I said giggling a little.
"Welcome, ready to go now?" he asked me.
"Sure lemme just grab my iPod and keys real quick." I said walking into the kitchen. I always put my stuff on the kitchen counter for some reason, it was just a habit now. I came back and stood by Jacob. "Ok, now I'm ready." I stated. We went out the door and I locked it behind us. We walked down to the bottom of the driveway as he handed me the helmet once again. "Hey do you even have your license?" I asked him placing the helmet on my head and clicking it into place. "Ummm well if you count a permit as a license then yes, I am a licensed driver." he said smiling. I shoved him playfully as we both got on the bike. He revved it again and we were off. The wind felt awesome in my hair, it was even better than before because I knew what to expect this time around.
After a few minutes we made it to First Beach, as we pulled up and parked everyone stared at us. When I took of my helmet and felt my long hair flow down my back again, I felt like Megan Fox, especially with all the guys staring. We both just smiled as we got off the bike and walked onto the semi-wet sand. "Hey!" Aiden shouted, waving at us from about 50 ft. away. We both waved back, I grabbed Jacob's wrist and towed him over there. "What's up chica?" Roxanne asked, hugging me tightly. "Just gettin' ready to partay........ ooohh I love this song!" I said moving swiftly tot he beat. It was 'Summer Love' by Justin Timberlake. Yeah, I know it's an old song but I still loved it and so of course, I had to dance to it. I wasn't as good as Danny but I wasn't too bad either because I remembered a routine that Kanani, Hayden and I had done back in middle school for the sixth grade talent show. As soon as they saw what I was doing they jumped in, which attracted the attention of around 20 people. I always liked it more when I had an audience, because it always presured me to do my best.
We were going like crazy! It was insane, just being one with the beat, and moving left and right, round and round....... ahhhh it felt so right.
Once the song faded out we got a routy round of applause, and we all laughed about it. "Ok now that was fun." Kanani said smiling widely. "Oh yes." Hayden and I both agreed. I was slightly out of breath when I bounced over to talk to Roxy, Jake, and Aiden. "You can dance?" Jake asked me, shocked. "My God Jake, you've known me for what, 14 almost 15 years now and you didn't even know I could dance?"
"Well I knew you could but not like that!" he defended himself.
"There's ALOT of things you don't know about me." I said turning onmy heels and walking towards the coolers. They weren't that far away, but I jogged over to them anyways. I leaned down and got myself a Mountain Dew, when I stood up I could feel Jacob behind me. He wasn't touching me though (lol), but I just had this feeling that I got, it was kinda like the shivers, when people were near me. I opened my pop without turning around, "what is it Jake?" I asked me. "How'd you know I was behind you?" he asked me.
I spun around quickly, "maybe because I'm just that awesome." I said smiling widely and taking a sip of my drink.
* * * *A FEW HOURS LATER * * * *
All of us were all walking along the waterline, the party was still going in but we decided just to take a break for a while. We all continued walking up and down until we all got tired, so we just plopped down on the warm ground. It was actually pretty warm at for being Washington, so we had to take all the sun and we could while it lasted.
"Ugh, my head hurts." I said drowsily. I kinda felt like my head was spinning, plus the pounding in my ears from the blaring music wasn't helping the situation. "Hey what time is it?" Aiden asked.
"It's about......... (Jake checked his phone)......... 7:15, oh dammit! I gotta go, I forgot Bella is 'sposed to come over to my house tonight." Jake said putting his phone back into his pocket and standing up. I stood up aswell, "oh c'mon Jake,just stay a little longer, we hardly ever hang out anymore." I pleaded, taking his hand in mine. He looked a little guilty, "I mean, since Bella....... well you know. Since Edward left her, you've been comforting her. Often. And that's fine and all but...... what about me?" I whispered. I hated making big sympathy speeches like that but I needed to get it off my chest. He pulled his hand back slowly, trying not to hurt my feelings. "Yeah, but.......... she needs me more, you have NO idea what she's going through right now. Ya know?"
"Yeah I guess." I sighed out. "Good girl, now I'll see you tomorrow at 8."
"What's at 8?"
'Bonfire, remember? Wow, and you call me slow." he said smiling his very Jacob-y smile tha I couldn't help but love.
"Shut up Kitty........." I said jabbing him playfully in the stomach. He just laughed and pulled me into a quick hug. He pulled away and started jogging back the way we came. I just stared after him as he ran towards the setting sun.
"And I DON'T need you, Jacob?" I said only to myself. Knowing he was way too far off to hear it, or even care for that matter.

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