Love Like This a Jacob Black Love Story

Love Like This a Jacob Black Love Story

This is my fourth story on Quibblo :)

Dsiclaimer: This story belongs to me, Ivana, and not Quibblo! (I'm getting tired of saying this, maybe I won't anymore)

Some people want me to continue this story, but I'm not so sure..... So enjoy what's already written, lol.

Chapter 2

The actually chapter (lol)- "Summer......summer.......summer...."

by: MrsRadke
We were all practically on the edge of our seats. A couple people were actually going back and forth between the floor and their seats with happiness.
We're all aching with excitement because it was finally, "summer...... summer...... summer....." I heard people start to whisper like they did in 'High School Musical 2', pretty soon they got the whole class to jump in, "summer....... summer........" I even saw the teacher join in as we got louder and louder until finally, "RRRRIIIIIINNNNNGGGGG!" The bell loudly announced.
"TITOS!!!" Roxanne, Aiden, Kanani, Hayden, and I shout unanomously. We all started laughing at our stupid inside joke, I was just so glad we are all in the same classes. Well, at least we were.
We were all still laughing as we rushed out the door to get to our lockers.
They were all super lucky, theirs were all fairly close to each other, but mines was on the other side of the school. They told me there was some kind of mix-up at the beginning of the year but whatever. They at least put me next to my most favorite person in the world.
My best friend for life, Jacob Black.
Even though he was two years older than me, it didn't make a difference, we always have amazingly fun times together. We've known each other since we.......... well, since before we were born actually. Our parents went to high school together and they were like best friends too, small town eh?
I finally reached my locker, "hey Kitty." I announced happily. I've just called him that for a nickname since I was little because his long hair was so soft like a cats fur. He hated it though, he said it was 'embarassing' and 'childish'. "Why do you even------ never mind, but Kitty is not my name." he said sternly but with a smile as he closed his locker, he leaned up against it while he waited for me to get my purse and everything.
"Yes it is, Kitty." I repeated, not looking at him.
"No, it's not, Cassandra." he said accenting my first name. He knows that I cant stand it when people call me that, but I still to this day refuse to tell him why. I justed ignored that last part, "oh yeah? Then why do I call you that, huh?" I asked him playfully. I grabbed my purse and closed my locker for the last time.
I finally turned to look at him, "maybe it's cuz you're stupid." he said staring at me. I hadn't really noticed how pretty his eyes were until this moment. He smiled at me with his perfectly white teeth.
"Oh my God, dude. That was ONE TIME I got a 'D' okay? ONCE."
"One doesn't mean last." he mumbled laughing slightly. I rolled my eyes and punched him lightly on the arm. We started walking towards the front doors, I was considering waiting for evryone else but when Jacob offered to drive me home, I kinda forgot about them completely.
He held the doors open for me as we slowly walked into the parking lot, just enjoying the fact that we were off for, " a full two months baby!" I quickly covered my mouth. I'm so dumb, I'll be thinking about something and it'll just come right out of my mouth, one time I actually got into a fist fight because of it.
"What?" Jake asked me. "Ahhh, doesn't matter. It's just me being crazy as usual." I said smiling once again.
I even saw a few kids in a circle crowded around this one freshman, Danny, as he was dancing for his life practically.
I kind of drifted away from Jacob to go watch, I never kept my attention on one thing for too long because I have a little bit of A.D.D. But who cares, it was the last day of school and nothing really mattered.
Except the fact that there was a beach partay tonight at 7 and we had to be there. And by the way, with me there, it's a partay, not a party.
Jacob quickly realized I wasn't next to him anymore and he did a 180 to come back for me. He tugged on my wrist lightly, "Stevie come on." he said, also watching Danny a little bit.
"No, hang on."
"Party, remember?" he said in a how-did-you-forget-about-that kind of tone.
"Oh, oh yeah." I said finally tearing m eyes off of Danny. Jake and I started walking towards his..............."motorcycle?!? Since when???" I asked him in shock. "Since yesterday. Bella brought this one over for me and another one for herself and we went riding on the trail by the cliffs." he said smiling. "Oh that's cool." I said trying to hide my jealous tone. Ever since ummmmmm, Edmund? Or Edward, I think his name was, left Bella, she's been hanging around Jake 24/7. I'm not saying that I need to be with him every single second of the day but it'd be nice to get like 5 minutes every once in a while out of school.
"Stevie." he called, snapping his fingers in front of my face. "Wait, what happened?" I asked, I hadn't realized how much I've been spacing today. He just laughed and held out a blue and white helmet to me. I smiled as I took it and got on along with him. He waited until I was comfortably snuggled into his back, I wrapped my arms around his waist as tight as possible, but he actually didn't complain.
"Ready?" he asked me.
"Oh, hellz yeah!" I said smiling into his back. He put on his helmet and revved the bike loudly, it was cool to watch everyone move out of the way simotaniously.
I looked back when I heard Roxanne call my name, she looked at me like I was insane. I just waved at her as we peeled out of the school parking lot and onto the road.
(authors note: comment and lemme kno wat u think! thx! ily all!!!! xD)

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